sensitivity reading

hi! if you’re here, you probably have a book portraying a diverse character, and need sensitivity reading, and thankfully, i now offer this service!

but a lot of you may ask…what is sensitivity reading?

“A sensitivity read is an evaluation of a manuscript, usually one that touches upon characters and experiences of a marginalized group of people, that is performed by someone within that group to bring attention to potential inaccuracies, biases, and reinforcements of harmful stereotypes. Much like one might ask a cardiologist to read their story about a cardiologist for accuracy, a sensitivity read helps ensure that the portrayal of characters and worlds unknown to the author ring true. But more than that, it helps authors better yield the immense power and responsibility of their words. How many of us write because we want to make sense of the world around us? And more importantly, how many readers seek out our work in search of stories and truths that will, inadvertently or not, shape how they see the world?” (source)

what can i sensitivity read for?

  • muslim characters
  • portrayal of moroccan culture/characters
  • characters that are considered demi/ace
  • and every character that you think may suit me (if you know me well enough, you may know more about me than i can tell)

i accept sensitivity reading for setting (if it’s a moroccan one), main and side characters. i’m here to help you with your portrayal of diverse characters/settings, and anything where there’s a risk that readers can be hurt. and believe me, you wouldn’t want to see a reader hurt.

genres i love:

  • contemporary
  • fantasy
  • historical fiction
  • science-fiction

everything above is, of course, included under the YA genre. i’m sorry if you’re a middle-grade/adult author, but i haven’t read enough of those genres, so i’m not suited to sensitive read it for you. i’m sure you’ll find better than me!

and…the price?

for now, it’s FREE. i don’t need money at the moment (thank god), and i only want to help authors with their representation. this may change though, depending on my financial status.

what’s in the sensitivity reading package?

after reading your book and looking through your representation, i will send you a critique (length depending on the problems i find), in which i state whether the representation is good or bad (with explanation and example), and, if something is hurtful, solutions to it (what adjectives are more adequate to the character’s description, some lines/scenes that need to be re-written/erased, etc.).

some more info:

your manuscript should be finished and gone through several drafts.

in some cases, i might refuse some manuscripts (when the demand is too high, when i feel like i’m not the perfect person to sensitivity read your book, when i have too much work). i will inform you though.

i’m an international blogger, so if you want to send a printed manuscript, please take in consideration that shipping costs. if you can’t afford it, i’m happy to accept them in PDF format.

if you’re interested, you can email me at contactyounicornreads[at]gmail[dot]com, with the subject: SENSITIVITY READING SERVICES: [author]. please make sure to include every information about the book in your email: a little summary, genre, word count, and the diversity aspect you want me to sensitivity read for. thank you so much!