review policy

please remember that i read books in exchange of an honest review of books. nothing affects my opinions. please read the review policy before sending me your request. if it’s not adequate to the following information, i will not review it.

i accept advanced reader’s copies, published formats (if you can ship international), and digital review copies. i use bluefire reader for ebooks.

the following genres are preferred:

  • young adult
  • fantasy
  • science-fiction/dystopian
  • contemporary
  • romance

i will not accept the following genres:

  • religious
  • poetry
  • adult books
  • self-published books

my reviews consist of a picture of the book in the edition i read, with its name, author, genre, publisher, pages length, and synopsis (all from goodreads), then a spoiler free review, and a spoiler-filled review if the novel is already published.

the best way to contact me is through email, so please email me at contactyounicornreads[at]gmail[dot]com.
thank you for choosing me!