mem a h a

1. (noun) a name defining an overly-enthusiastic sixteen-year-old unicorn in the form of a human being, who has more fictional friends than real-life ones. she’s a very little person who loves reading and writing, and is always discovering new worlds. you may be seeing her sitting on my bed or chair holding a book, but she’s actually either practicing magic, killing a demon with a sword, or breaking down a government.

synonyms. fangirl. bibliophile. unicorn.

2. (adjective) means everything that is happy, amazing, sarcastic, and funny.

well, hello there! nice to meet you! welcome to younicorn reads, i’m glad you stopped by to know more about me and the blog; thank you. but now let’s get into more serious stuff. ahem.

t h e  b l o g :

younicorn reads is a book and lifestyle related blog that hopes it can provide you everything you need: book reviews, recommendations, tutorials, etc. this blog was created out of boredom, so be happy if your life is as boring as mine, because that way you can read all of my posts (no no this is not an order or anything).

basically, this blog is about books, fangirling, books, photography, books, travel, books and my not-so-interesting life. i like to use bold textitalics, GIFs, and CAPS. so bear with me.


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