a little update.


i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but i’ve been very bad at blogging these past weeks. it’s been so long since i’ve opened up a new draft that it kinda feels new to me right now (only a month, but still). real life has been busy so i couldn’t do everything.

now that i finally have time, i decided to give you guys a little update on what is currently going on in my life.

for most of the first half of august, i’ve been traveling. i went to sevilla, spain for a couple of days, then spent ten other days in albufeira, portugal. it was really great, and i had fun with my family there, i couldn’t even believe it when we had to come back!

when i arrived home, i was super tired so blogging still wasn’t part of my schedule, but it soon developed into a little slump. so for the last two weeks i have been reading and watching shows (but mostly watching shows).

what i’ve been watching


about five days ago, i finished the last season of FRIENDS (i know i started it ages ago, but i just finished it because i’m super slow when it comes to tv shows), and it was so good. the finale was so emotional and intense and it kept playing with my feelings. i never really get attached to tv shows, nor do i finish a show that’s more than five seasons because i quickly lose interest, but i was able to watch this whole show. i watched the whole TEN SEASONS, which means i really love it.

my only two complains are: 1) i wish characters were more diverse, and 2) ross geller, while a funny character, is sexist, which makes him my least favorite character.


since the show premiered on july 11th, 2017, i’ve been hearing nothing but great opinions about THE BOLD TYPE on social media. and i must admit, it exceeded my expectations. i already watched all the episode that are out, and i can’t wait for the next one. this show is my new obsession. it’s addictive, it’s empowering, it’s diverse. and it has a f/f romance between a woman of color and a muslim love interest. so if that doesn’t make you want to start the show, i don’t know what will.


i can’t say that anime is one of my favorite type of shows, but HUNTER X HUNTER (2011) is pretty good. and while it didn’t have an amazing start for me, it definitely picked up. it’s action-packed, the fights are amazing, and every episode leaves you on a cliffhanger so you have to watch the next one. plus the episodes are about 15-minutes-long if you delete the opening and ending songs and the two minutes where you’re reminded of what happened before, so it’s pretty short.

what i’ve been reading

while july was an amazing reading month for me, august wasn’t the best. most of my reads were either DNFs, two, or three stars, and i’m not okay. because not only have i been late when it comes to reading ARCs, but i am digging deeper and deeper into a slump. HOWEVER. the last book i read (THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED, by becky albertalli) got me in the mood to read again, so let’s see how it goes.

here’s what i read during july and august:



i can’t garantee that i’ll be active in the next few days, with school starting and stuff (sigh), but i really hope i will have at least one post scheduled.

enough talking about me, let’s talk about you:

  • did you travel this summer? if so, where did you go?
  • what are your fave tv shows? do you watch anime? if so, what are you faves?
  • have you read any good books in the last two months?

4 thoughts on “a little update.

  1. I absolutely LOVE The Bold Type! I hadn’t heard about it until I saw some book Twitter people raving about it. I watched the first 4 or 5 episodes and I’m seriously in love with it.
    You’ve read some great books over the past couple of months! I read THUG back when it first came out and adored it. And I read Upside last month as well, which I also loved.
    Anyway, I hope you have a great month in September and good luck with school!!

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