two years of blogging


second blogiversary

today marks my second blogiversary. i’ve been blogging for TWO YEARS now. it’s…unbelievable. i know i say this every time, but i feel so so proud of my blog. time just goes by so fast. in fact, i still feel so new to blogging. (let’s not talk about the fact that my blog and Harry Potter share the same birthday *winks*.)

younicorn reads had gone through so much since it was born, and it makes me emotional to see that my little baby may not so little anymore. but let’s take a little look at how the blog developped through the years:


  • JULY 31ST, 2015: younicorn reads was born.
  • NOVEMBER 2015: i created a twitter account for the blog
  • DECEMBER 26TH, 2015: i switched to blogger
  • JANUARY 1ST, 2016: i joined goodreads, after disappearing from it for about a year.
  • MARCH 6ST, 2016: i switched back to wordpress (still the best decision i have ever made)
  • MAY 2016: younicorn reads reaches 1k views
  • JULY 31ST, 2016: younicorn reads turns one
  • AUGUST 2ND, 2016: younicorn reads reaches 100 followers
  • AUGUST 2016: younicorn reads reaches 1k visitors
  • MARCH 27TH, 2017: the blog starts offering sensitivity reading services
  • MAY 8TH, 2017: younicorn reads gets a makeover
  • MAY 11TH, 2017: i get ranked as one of the best reviewers on goodreads
  • (TODAY) JULY 31ST, 2017: younicorn reads turns two, with over 350 blog followers, 9k total blog views, 620 instagram followers, 270 tumblr followers, and (ALMOST) 1k twitter followers (!!).

i mean, this is amazing. i could not be more satisfied with what my blog has grown to become. and of course my journey wouldn’t have been so wonderful if it wasn’t for many many MANY amazing people:

  • MY IN-REAL-LIFE FRIENDS AND FAMILY: the first people who supported me and my work, and who still do every day, which i couldn’t be more thankful for.
  • DENISE: for being an amazing friend that i hope to meet in real life someday, and for all the snapchat messages we’re sharing (you’re wonderful). i can talk to you without ever feeling awkward, and you probably know more about me than i ever thought an internet friend would.
  • AILA AND CW: for all the amazing inspirational art, that helped me come back to drawing.
  • CARI: for being one of the first people i meet on the internet. we need to talk more.
  • BREANNA: for being an amazing friend, someone i can talk to anytime. i’m excited to know you more.
  • and also: IZELJILL, ANNA, AVA, ALEX, CAM, FADWA, LIV, ALICE, KAT, KAITLIN, AND EVERYONE ON BOOK TWITTER for all the fun, all the help, and all the amazing support.
  • to everyone that has ever read, liked, and commented on one (or many) of my posts, i can name some of them: GERALDINE, LAIS, SINEAD, TASYA, ZOE, AND (OF COURSE) EVERYONE ELSE. you make my days brighter with your interaction.

i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone, there are just so many people that i want to thank, and my brain can’t seem to do its work right now.

thank you so much to everyone, whether you just discovered my blog today or you’ve been here for a long time, you matter to me. a lot. my only goal for the future i really hope to bring you better content, book and non-book related.

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.


36 thoughts on “two years of blogging

  1. yee for two years! you’re a 🌟💞 who always has the best posts and ilu – akskjdh I can’t believe you mentioned me on here. definitely dm/snapchat me whenever! 🌈 we DO need to chat more

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  2. I’m so proud!! AND THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING ME :,) I haven’t been active for about 84 years BUT YOU STILL REMEMBERED ME YOU ARE FOREVER THE SWEETEST. I actually still remember the first day I found your blog! You where still on blogger, and your blog was the prettiest shades of purple and pink. At the time I was still a newbie and when you commented back to my weird “HEY YOU DOINT KNOW ME BUT I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND I WANT TO BE FRIENDS” comment, i had the biggest stupidest smile on my face because HEY I WAS DOING THE FRIEND THING AND IT KIND OF WORKED. We don’t talk as much as id like but i know your always there. 🙂

    You and your blog have both grown so much over the past two years and I’m honored to have been there to watch it, mANY MORE YEARS OF YOUNICORN READS. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Celebrate and have a cupcake for me. 😉

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  3. Happy blogoversery! ❤ Your blog has always been one of my favorites – your posts are so amazing and I love reading them. 🙂 Here's to many more great years of blogging! xx

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  4. MAHA!! I’m so glad I found some time to visit your blog. Congrats on two years of blogging! That’s amazing, and you should be super proud! 💛
    And ahhhhh ;-; I’m so honoured to be a part of your thanks, and even more so that I somehow inspired you to come back to drawing. That means the world to me and it makes me so so happy. 💛

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  5. Wow, this is so awesome! My blog recently turned 1 year old in September 10th, and I am SO HAPPY TOO! Congrats on how much you accomplished and how much your blog grew! I’m glad you’re content with WordPress now, LOL. It was a dilemma for me to choose which blog creator to finally stick with.
    Happy 2 years of blogging, Maha!

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