how to start a blog 2.0

start a blog

as a part of the blogging-related posts i’m working on this month, i wanted to give a little “tutorial” to all the wannabe-bloggers, on how to start a blog, something i wish i had read before starting my own.

don’t worry, it’s not that hard. all you need to do is follow these steps (which you’ll probably find in any other “how to start a blog” post).

1. choose your plateform

the first and probably most important step in starting your blog is to choose where to do so. i don’t know all the plateforms/websites in which people create blogs, but the most popular ones, in my opinion, are:

  • wordpress (free): aka the one i’m using at the moment. it’s very simple, and while there are some restrictions (few themes, limited use of CSS/HTML codes to edit your blog, limited media space), i’m quite satisfied with it (for now). it’s very easy, and you get a lot of help from the “FAQ” and help centers. wordpress stats also count UNIQUE visistors/views only, and don’t count the owner of the blog’s views.
  • blogger (free): in which you have more freedom when it comes to coding (you can choose any theme, then edit the HTML/CSS code however you like), and media space. but it doesn’t give you unique visitors stats, and hardly gets any updates.
  • tumblr: which is a very special blogging plateform, where you can “reblog” other people’s posts, and they’ll be posted in your blog too. i don’t personally use it as a blog but i know a lot of people who do and they’re pretty happy with it.
  • self-hosted wordpress: this one is a little costy but most people who use it are really satisfied with it. i don’t know a lot about it but i do know that it gives you unlimited space, and complete freedom to make your own theme.

note: if you aren’t used to coding, i advice you to use the free wordpress option, or have someone make a theme for you.

2. choose (and edit) a theme

whatever plateform you choose has a number of themes you can pick from to adapt it to your blog. now as i said before, in some plateforms you can edit themes however you like, maybe change it all (tumblr, blogger, self-hosted wordpress), but others can be a little restricted (free wordpress).

3. write your first post

a lot of bloggers have their introduction as their first post (which means they talk about themselves, what the blog will be about, etc.), so that may be an idea for your first post too. but of course you don’t have to. (my first blog post was a mini-review of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by stephanie perkins.)

some additional tips for keeping up with your blog:

  • have other social accounts where you can promote your posts/blog. i personally use twitter and instagram for this (even though i also have a tumblr), because it’s used by many bookish people so more people can reach and discover my blog.
  • don’t start requesting works for review until at least 3-6 months after starting your blog. and don’t immediately jump to very well known works, start by small things. one step at a time, honey.
  • go comment on other people’s blogs, they will certainly check out your blog too!
  • try not to check your stats every 0.3 second. it’d only stress you if you do.
  • don’t forget, blogging should be fun. don’t make it feel like a chore to yourself.

so tell me, when did you start your blog? any tips for newbie bloggers?


6 thoughts on “how to start a blog 2.0

  1. I started in January and my main tips are:

    – Take your time creating and improving the layout before going public for the first time
    – Create social media accounts immediately so that you can see that your name is available everywhere
    – BLOG HOPPING and COMMENTING other blog posts

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  2. I only started about a month ago but I’ve had other blogs besides that so I’d say:
    – don’t force yourself to post too much if you’re not in the mood
    – but also make sure you are posting or else your blog will disappear
    – and you don’t have to limit yourself to one specific thing if you don’t want to. Its your blog- blog about whatever you like!

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  3. aaaah, ever since i found your blog, i couldn’t stop reading your posts and now here i am! this has been a very helpful ‘tutorial’ and i learned so much from you. i made my blog last year but i had totally forgotten about it so now i’ve decided to bring it back to life (yaaay!)

    anyway, i’m really having some difficulties about customizing my theme (either that, or i’m just v lazy), mind lending a hand?

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    1. hii new follower! welcome!! i am so glad you are loving my posts 😭❤️
      i would love to help you! what do you need help for? (you can DM on twitter my username is @ younicornreads or on instagram @ ayounicornreads.)


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