seven facts i wish i had known before i began blogging

seven facts blogging

you may or may not know, but july is my blogiversary month. that’s why i decided to focus this month on everything related to blogging, and end it with my blogiversary post (july 31st).

when i started my blog, i never imagined that it would be…this. i was faced so many surprising things, and let me tell you, i was pretty surprised.

so without further ado, here are seven things i wish i knew before starting a blog.

one: blogging takes a lot of your time. A LOT.

i thought before starting that i’d only need a little time every week to write a blog post (or two, i was overly optimistic). and man, how wrong i was. blogging took EVERY LITTLE PIECE OF TIME AND ENERGY I HAD. during the school year i barely have time to brush my hair. coming up with post ideas + drafting + revising ended up taking much more time than i had imagined.

there also was a time last year when i could post new content every three days? how was i even able to do that? i probably posted some pretty short unedited garbage content lol. now i can barely manage one great post per month (i’m working on that, promise).

two: it takes a long time to build a follower base for your blog

did i think people will come to my blog like a flood, that i’d start getting so many notifications that my phone/computer will stop working properly, as soon as i hit the “publish” button for my first post?


i’ve seen many youtubers/bloggers/internet people say that it took time for them to have that many followers, but i never really realized how true that was until i started my own blog. it takes effort and perseveration and TIMETIMETIME to get followers and feedback. you can’t avoid the feeling of uselessness, like you’re talking to a wall. there will be very little, if not zero interaction on your blog during the first weeks. this isn’t to tear newbie bloggers down, no. it’s just to tell them to keep going, and to keep on keeping in on*.

*this is from the song KEEP ON KEEPING ON, by travie mccoy featuring brendon urie.

three: you’ll eventually have to tell your parent(s)/tutor(s) (and family)

i know people who never told or asked their parent or tutor about their blog, and the sad truth is that, unless they’re super good at keeping their secrets, they’ll have to, eventually. i know you’re shy, and there’s a chance that they won’t approve, but at least give it a try. it’s really important to have your parent/tutor’s support. it helps so much.

(i’m not forcing you, by the way. it’s always your choice.)

i mean it’ll be a little suspicious anyway, like, why are you typing on your keyboard so much?

four: i constantly have to cope with my parents fangirling every time a known person/artist (it has to be authors for me) reach out to me for a review copy of their work.

and it’s an amazingly embarassing moment. my mom LITERALLY fangirls every time i tell her someone will be sending me a a review copy of a book. she also tells everyone to check out my blog, and while it’s awkward, i really like it.

five: blogging is actually HARD.

i mean, it’s not always a piece of cake. and i wish it was. i used to think that i’ll sit in front of the computer, write for one hour straight, the words just coming at me from heaven and me always knowing what to say next. reality hit me like a truck. it actually takes me at least three sittings to draft a post, revise it, and make all the graphics.

i really don’t know how some bloggers can post every other day. where is the time? where do the ideas come from? how are you this fast? don’t you procrastinate? i feel so productive when i post once a week or once every two weeks.

six: hiatus, blogging slumps are crutial parts of the blogger’s life

you can’t just start blogging and never take a break. there will be times where you won’t feel like blogging, and it’ll be totally okay. breaks are actually really good to think about yourself, do other things, and find the will to come back. and if you’ve been blogging for more than a year and have never experienced the blogging slump…you’re some supernatural being, man.

seven: i’ll eventually have to stop

i know deep down that i still refuse to accept it, but i’m also 100% sure that i’ll have to stop blogging someday. maybe it’ll be because i wouldn’t have time, or i wouldn’t be interested anymore, but unless i start making money from this later in life, this blog will eventually come to its end. let’s hope it’s not soon though.

so yeah, these were the things i wish i knew before i began blogging. reality is completely different from what i imagined, blogging-wise. but while i wish i knew these things before, i learned many things thanks to these expectations, does that make sense?

are you blogger? if yes, what are some expectations you had? if not, do you think of starting a blog?


43 thoughts on “seven facts i wish i had known before i began blogging

  1. Cute blog, Maha! I love this so much ❀ as for three and four, I have yet to experience parental support (or just tell them in general about my blogging habits) but my friends are usually pretty supportive :):)

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  2. Love this post! My mother is also the same when I’m sent books to review, she gets more excited than me! Also love your point about followers not coming overnight. It can sometimes be disheartening at first but it becomes worth it. Love your blog ❀

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  3. On a rational level, I knew all of these to be true even before starting to blog, but at the same time I was in total denial. I kept my blog a secret from my family and friends for such a long time and now my mum keeps reading all the posts and even the comments. Sometimes I wish she didn’t know that much hahaha
    Great post! Very accurate πŸ˜‰

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  4. I agree with all of your points! I particularly didn’t realise how much time blogging would take up. I figured I’d just post a weekly book review but now I post 5 times I week! It is a lot of work but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Great post😊

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  5. Sometimes I think about how I may have to stop blogging someday, and it is definitely sad!

    Also, yes, blogging is very time-consuming, which is fine because I enjoy it. But it’s worth being aware of, especially if you really do want to grow your followers!

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  6. Is this a new blog theme? It is gorgeous! I love it. Yes to so many of these points. Especially three and four. I really wanted to keep it secret but it was kind of hard when I was on my laptop constantly typing away and then physical arcs started to come and it was unavoidable. My mum also tells all her work friends about my blog and gets so excited when I get mail.

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  7. I relate to number one and three so much. My happy-go-lucky naivety thought that I could just bash out a little bookish piece every week and be done with it. NOPE. It was a real wake-up call when I had to actually plan in advance, write AND edit. Great post!

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  8. AH yes I agree with all of these. TIME is the biggest one. My mom also fan girls when I get ARCs and books in the mail, and she tells everyone about it too LOL, so cute!

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  9. Blogging takes up so much of my time, even just reading the books to review. So sometimes, I have to tell myself that I don’t have to read that book that I need to review by then and then yet. I can wait another day, and enjoy a novella.

    Blogging is also so much about interacttion. If you only expect interaction on your blog, and don’t interact with others on theirs, you might not get that many followers.

    However, for me blogging is preparing me for the working world. I want to work in publishing, and I’ve been learning so much through blogging. So, it’ll be worth it.

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  10. I like how honest you are about the amount of time you have to put in. This has come as the biggest surprise to me as well, and I’ve only been going two weeks. All the other points here hit the nail on the head as well.

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  11. Aw Maha, these are totally relatable!! I know these blogging truths are ones I wish I knew, and they’re also usually left out of lots of lists like this! For example, I’ve seen a list like this before…but they’ve never addressed keeping your blog a secret, and having to eventually tell people – that was such a big thing for me to do!
    Also YOUR MUM IS SO CUTE ❀ It's so cute how she's so proud of you!!

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  12. This is really interesting! I think a lot of people don’t think they’re going to stop, which is totally fine. But I know that at some point I’ll stop blogging, although I don’t know when. For example, I doubt I will still be a YA book blogger when I’m in my 30s. But by the time I turn 20? WHO CAN KNOW? I liked this post!

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  13. Yep, I relate. Blogging is very time consuming, but also one of the best ways to spend time. My parents certainly know about my blog, and they fangirl a lot too (my 10 year old brother included!), but I haven’t and don’t plan on telling my teachers or IRL, non-reader friends anytime soon.
    For number 3, at first I read “It takes a long time to build a FLOWER base for your blog”. I stared at the screen for a while before my eyes read properly. BUT YES, I agree. I don’t ever get discouraged though, because I know that it DOES take a lot of time. But slowly starting to interact with more and more people is amazing. I’m very happy about how it’s going.
    I don’t take many hiatus because, for now, I don’t need them very often for it to be noticeable on my blog. But I NEVER force myself to post and I don’t have a planned schedule. I write whenever and whatever I want. This post was amazing, and i really loved it! SO SORRY for the long comment! oops

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