A MONTHLY RECAP: april + may + june ’17/july ’17 (more like a three months recap lol)

a monthly recap (1)

it’s been a very long time since i’ve done any monthly recap, and even though i thought of just letting it go, and stop doing these wrap-ups, i decided to pick them up again. how could i stop one the most fun features to write on my blog?

anyway, i thought i should catch up, so here’s what my life looked like in the last three months:

april + may + june

i don’t remember being that active on the internet on april. the fact that i didn’t have a phone anymore (long story short, i dropped it in the toilet sink and stupid me immediately tried to turn it on, which was a big mistake) made me take a step back. social media was a lot of negativity and it was really bad for me. so i decided to focus more on reading. i also had a week-long break so i visited and spent time with family.

in may, studying took over my life. finals were coming (well, in june, but STILL), and ramadan was starting at the end of the month so we had to do some preparation. it also was my birthday month, so i definitely had some ~me~ time. and while it was hard to catch up on everything i had to do, i tried for the most part. i got a new phone at the end of may, so i was back to being fully active on social media.

on june i passed my finals, started my summer break (FINALLY), hung out with friends, spent time with my family during eid, read, and got back to drawing. to be honest, it was a productive month, and i’m surprised by myself (and satisfied, of course).

read these three months:




on the blog:





panic! at the disco

look, i know i’ve been obsessing over p!atd for months now, but a while ago MY OBSESSION REACHED A NEW LEVEL OF OBSESSION. i really don’t know why, but i’ve become a hardcore fan of their music, especially their album, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE DIRTY. it’s my favorite. love love love for that music. if you’ve never listened to panic! at the disco, you should do it. i hope your life changes.


i think my love for fantasy is coming back. as you can see this june i read a lot of fantasy novels, and i enjoyed most of them (especially THE SHIP BEYOND TIME that book was just PERFECT). and honestly i missed it. i’m so glad i’m back on track. i should catch up on it in the future.

spotlight of the month:

epic crush of genie lothe epic crush of genie lo, by f. c. yee

THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO is one of the most amazing books i’ve read this year. it’s action-packed, fun, and it’s inspired by chinese folklore. this is the story of Genie Lo, an angry teenager who tries her best to get into the college of her dreams. but when a demon invasion threatens her sleepy town, she’ll have to do things she’d never thought she could do, like fighting demons, interacting with gods, alongside with Quentin Sun, the “weird” new transfer in her school, in order to save herself, her family, and her town. and IT’S SO GOOD. i highly recommend you to get it once it comes out (august 8th, 2017).


in july i hope to catch up with my ARCs (they’re getting out of control), but i also want to spend time with myself, my friends, and my family. plus i’m joining camp nanowrimo for july, and i have a lot of fanart ideas in my head. i hope i can do all of this lol. but let’s see how it goes! 🙂

how was june for you? have you read some good books recently? watched some good shows or movies? what are your plans for july?



16 thoughts on “A MONTHLY RECAP: april + may + june ’17/july ’17 (more like a three months recap lol)

  1. it seems like you had an amazing three months Maha (except for the whole phone-in-the-sink fiasco…) i also love panic! i’ve never been one to remember song lyrics, but there’s something about brendon’s voice that just clicks with me you know? gah he’s just amazing! ❤

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  2. I had to do a multiple month wrap up too! Mine was just May and June though! I thought I was the only one that fell behind with wrap ups.

    Also I’m so glad you thought Goodbye Days was super problematic. I did too and kinda bashed it in my review.

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  3. I was about to comment that I though the Dead Inside looked interesting, until I sat that you had rated it one star. It’s such a let down when pretty covers have ugly insides! The Epic Crush of Genie Lo sounds amazing though ♡ I’ve been seeing it everywhere, but no one else was talking about what it was actually about! I’ll definitely keep a look out.

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    1. i’m glad you’re interested in GENIE LO! i hope you pick it up and enjoy it! and don’t let the 1 star rating stop you for picking up DEAD INSIDE, it might really suit your taste. who knows what it might mean to you later?

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  4. Ugh, DEATH OF A BACHELOR IS JUST SOOOO GOOOOOOD. I love that whole album basically.
    I’ve only read 3 books this whole month…but that’s a record so far this year lol. I’ve just been so busy and put reading/blogging on the back-burner. I hope to turn this second half of the year around!
    Other than that, I’ve been pretty obsessed with watching 2 Broke Girls. ;D Happy July!

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  5. i really miss your monthly recaps, maha. i have to agree: these posts are not only super fun to write, but also to read!
    i’m glad you had a great time during june and that you have your phone back!
    i see you DNFed a book by pablo coelho. well, he’s a brazilian author, but don’t worry – i know only a few people in brazil who enjoy his books anyway hahah. he is the type of author that can be only loved or hated. i’ve never read anything by him, but that’s because his books don’t really spark my interest.
    good luck on camp nanowrimo, by the way! i hope you have a fantastic july 🙂

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    1. thank you lais! i missed your comments on here too!
      ahhh i’m so sorry i didn’t like paolo coelho, i know you’re brazilian too so i really apologize, but it just didn’t live up to my expectations.


  6. I never have any time to read at all anymore *sigh*. But ever since I got back from my trip and now that I’m out of school, I’ve already read like four books in five days. I think my favorite book I’ve read recently was Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali! I really want to read Written in the Stars as well now.

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    1. WRITTEN IN THE STARS is so so amazing, i hope you pick it up. also, SAINTS & MISFITS is a book i’m really looking forward to so i hope i’ll get to it soon!
      good luck with your studies!!


  7. June was pretty awesome for me! I read tons of good books like WANT and the first two books in the Cyclone series by Courtney Milan. For July I plan to read some more ARCs because they seem to keep piling up since I have 0 self-control lol

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    1. i have 0 shelf control too lmao i should really stop requesting books on netgalley and edelweiss. i just didn’t expect to get approved on almost all of the titles OH MY GOD.
      and i’m glad june awas a good month! i want to read WANT so bad!!


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