things you can do this summer without using a phone


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summer has just started for a lot of us (sorry, australian friends), and i’m so excited because it’s my favorite season of the year. no more school, no more homework, and no more exams. it’s like a temporary illusional feeling of freedom given before the school year starts again.

but what happens when you have all the time, when there’s no more pressure? you, of course, scroll through your phone. all day, everyday. and it’s not only bad for your eyes, but it also wastes a lot of time. i’m here to help you and me fix this, by listing activities that don’t require that phone (of course, you’ll still use your phone, but less than usual):

bullet journal

a bullet journal is a litte notebook/agenda with layers and logs you design yourself where you can list your tasks, your goals, or whatever. it really is helpful to stay organized and it develops your creativity. if you start looking for it on google, weheartit or pinterest, you’ll become addicted to all the aesthetically pleasing pictures and you’ll want to start it yourself.

you don’t have to keep up with it, it’s just something to keep you busy. it’s okay to stop at some point.

brain games

playing cards, sudoku, word searches, chess…it’s what personally keeps me busy 50% of the time. i don’t know about you, but once i started these brain games, i couldn’t stop. they’re so addicting and they stimulate brains. a lot. they can be found in any kiosk or supermarket, and they’re really cheap.


you know what’s better thank texting friends? actually seeing them. i mean you don’t have to be with the whole group every day. and you don’t have to go to some fancy place or something. the best place to hang out is probably someone’s house. bring some games, some snacks, and there you go!

the gym (which i don’t go to)

as much as we probably all hate it, the gym is probably a good activity to spend your time on. you don’t have to be the fittest one around or be good at what you’re doing, really.


i know scrolling through your twitter feed is more tempting than your current read, but i do think that spending time reading is more satisfying than spending time on your phone. push (and don’t force) yourself to read more.


and i don’t mean writing on your computer screen, i mean writing on a notebook. write whatever is on your mind. just write write write. it doesn’t even have to make sense. personally, it feels so good to do so.

see? you can do so many things without a phone. social media can become a waste of time. and you end up missing out on so much.

what are some of your plans for this summer?


11 thoughts on “things you can do this summer without using a phone

  1. This post is awesome! I am going to be doing a lot of reading this summer (of course) blogging, writing, hanging out with friends and I am going to do journaling! I cannot wait, I only have 5 more class days and one exam!

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