younicorn reads gets a makeover

blog makeover

well, hello hello hello!

as you can see, younicorn reads has changed since the last time you came (if you’re using the wordpress app, i suggest you to go see the ~things~ i have changed). and honestly? i needed a change, and for many reasons:

  • the theme was not my thing anymore. i mean, pink? nah. my tastes has got cozier and yellow-er since the last time i made an update. it felt too…not me. i also didn’t like my featured images and the website i was using for fonts and stuff wasn’t satisfying me anymore.
  • i’ve grown to hate my pictures. well, i didn’t hate them. i mean, i didn’t liked them either but…i don’t know. they were too colorful and too shiny and i was just meehh about it.
  • i’ve changed, which is normal. the blog just didn’t reflect me anymore. aaannd i’ve finally accepted it.
  • i’m now interested in things other than reading/books. reading is still my [main] hobby, but i now an interested in discovering my abilities in other things: writing, drawing, coding, etc. and i would love to give tips/updates on it in here. it will still be same, just more things.

now here’s what you should expect here from now on (other than the usual posts):

  • writing snippets/updates from my WIP(s)
  • coding posts/tips
  • photography tutorials
  • and drawing-related posts

i think that’s it. i already have so many exciting ideas for all of this, and i can’t wait to share them with you (okay, the next post will be a book review, but the post after that will be something new to this blog). i really hope you’ll like the new makeover (and the new colors/theme!).


23 thoughts on “younicorn reads gets a makeover

  1. I get the whole feeling of not feeling like your blog fits you anymore. That’s why I deleted my blog, I’m going to get a whole new domain, theme, fresh new content and something that represents more of who I am now. Excited for the change maha ❤

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  2. ok ok i see u maha 👀✂🎉 i’m just in need of all these new posts coming (!!) — especially the writing ones. love u + this new look ❤

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  3. i really love the new layout, maha! it definitely matches you!
    i’m glad you’re going to be posting more about your WIPs! i remember reading a thread you made about them on twitter and the characters sounded so adorable! i’ll really enjoy reading more about them. and coding tips would be helpful af!

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