the reading nook of my dreams!

reading nook (1).png
if you live with me you probably know that my room is a mess. and i’m not exaggerating. that’s why when the workers at encouraged me to write a post about what a dream reading nook would be, i couldn’t refuse.

i chose to list five things that would make a reading nook a dreamlike (is that a word?) one, so here we go!

  1. i want the whole room. not only a part of my bedroom. no no, that’s too small. how will i be able to fit all my books, my soul and my 23654 writing ideas in a little corner (well, it does fit now, but barely). i want a whole room for my books! and reading! and bookstagram! and blogging! i could do everything book-related there. which probably means i will stay there 24/7.
  2. a make-it-look-like-a-nightclub pendant light yes, that’s right. what did you say? go to a party? and be out of my reading nook (or room)? is it possible? why not come with me instead, i have a pendant light with seven lightbulbs and each one is a color of the rainbow. we can party with books. your choice.
  3. a throne that makes me look like i’m actually sitting on my books. which i’m not, since it’s too much work and damage for my beautiful color-arranged bookshelves. having a chair like that would make me able to read and talk about books while actually sitting on books (okay maybe if this becomes a real thing, it wouldn’t be REAL books i’d be sitting on, but you get the point). wouldn’t this be cool?
  4. pillows! pillows everywhere! because i always need a pillow when i’m reading or on my computer or something like that. and bookish pillows (you know, the ones that have quotes and graphics on them) wouldn’t be a bad idea. in fact, it would be a GREAT idea.
  5. a ladder. okay this probably comes off as weird at the beginning but then you probably realize that i’m a foetus-sized human being and that i need a ladder to reach the highest shelves (every space should be used). not only that, but a ladder can be very aesthetically pleasing on shelves. (has anyone thought about it before? or is it just me?)

yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

i know this list is messier than my room right now (that’s the least messy it can get), but i pretty much like the result. pretty original and pretty cool. just like me (lol).

what is the reading nook of YOUR dreams? also, do you like book merch? do you buy it? why or why not?


10 thoughts on “the reading nook of my dreams!

  1. Great idea!

    I go back and forth on ladders because I kind of like the idea of all the books being fairly easy to see, but it’s wasted space not to have really high shelves, right?

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  2. I think you have the most unique ideas for a reading nook that I’ve ever seen! Those lights are gorgeous and I totally want one now. And lol about the throne that looks like you’re sitting on your books. That does sound awesome. And of course lots of pillows. I agree, a ladder can definitely be aesthetically pleasing and has the whole romantic feel of giant libraries!

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  3. hahah, i love your ideas for a reading nook! it would be a very dreamy one!
    to be honest, i’d be happy with those huge bookshelves you see on booktube. i could even have a bookshelf tour, hahah. my books are stacked on piles around my room, because i don’t have enough space to have a decent bookshelf in my room. but i’d really love to have a reading nook with a couch by the window. i’d always have the perfect lighting! (the lighting in my room also sucks D:) and, of course, a loooot of books!

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