7 ways to get out of the black hole that is called the reading slump (+ book recommendation)

ways to get out of a reading slump post


or, as i like to call it: THE BLACK HOLE. because it’s really hard to get out of it. in fact, sometimes it’s nearly impossible.

and, not to brag or anything, but i survived THE BLACK HOLE many times. that’s why i decided to share a post about how to get out of a reading slump. it’s quite easy (okay not really).

one: take a break from reading

no, you have not misread that. it will do no harm to take a little break from reading. yes, we all love books and stuff, but even our favorite hobbies need breaks. nothing’s bad about that. just take a break. you’ll feel well after that.

two: experience new things

while taking a break from reading, try discovering/experiencing new things. never drew? take a pencil, buy paint, and let your imagination lead you. never listened to that old rock band your best friend always tells you about? try it. never sang a song (well, that’s a shame)? try and go to a karaoke party.

once you’ve done all of this, you’ll miss reading. trust me.

three: reread your favorite book(s)

you’ve probably seen this in every single “how to get out of a reading slump” post BUT it really works. rereading your favorite will 90% of the time puts you in the mood for reading.

four: book recommendation posts/videos

i don’t know about you, but this one really works for me. watching/reading a book recommendation video/post immediately puts me in the mood for reading. it can work for you too, who knows?

five: book aesthetics/mood boards

aesthetics are actually MADE to put people in the mood for something. so i think the most effective way to get in the mood to read something is just to look for its mood/aesthetic board.

six: don’t force yourself to read

if you don’t want to read…don’t read. simpe as that. don’t panick because you’re scared you’ll never read again. you will, trust me. it’s just not the time. so don’t feel bad.

seven: start with short reads

once you’re ready to read again, don’t pick up that 600 pages high fantasy with very complicated names and hard-to-remember world-building book. start with something light, funny, and with short chapters. here are some books that helped me get out of reading slumps before (or that might help you):

what are your tips for getting out of a reading slump? do you agree with any of the ones above? and have you read any of the books in the recommendation list? any other tips/book recommendation to get out of a reading slump?


21 thoughts on “7 ways to get out of the black hole that is called the reading slump (+ book recommendation)

  1. whenever i realise that im in a slump i always take a step straight back. i either go watch a crappy reality tv show for a few days or just do nothing. when i finally realise that im ready to even look at a book again i either go back to reread a fave or a fluffy contemporary can do no wrong! Great post 🙂

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  2. I get into a lot of reading slumps so when I do I always take a break from reading, if I try and force myself to read it just makes my slump even worse. I normally binge watch to shows for a while until I feel like reading again. I’m with you on book recommendations though, sometimes I find that if I watch book tube videos I’ll want to read something again so that’s a good one! Great post ♡

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  3. Some of these tips I haven’t heard before and are really good so thank you!! I often read contemporary, or read a book by an author I know I love. I’ve read quite a few of the books in your list and loved them all! Can’t wait to read the others!

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  4. Oooo we to read Anna and the French Kiss to get out over our book slump! Rick Riordan books are always a good to help you get out over you book depression – your learning things (Greek myths etc) in an enjoyable way (the education system should take some notes from Uncle Rick 😉)

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  5. i definitely agree with these tips! i spend probably the entire year of 2015 on a terrible reading slump and i think what really helped me was to stop making excuses and create time on my schedule to read. i used to be like: “oh, i’ll read when i have time”, but i’d spend my free time scrolling through tumblr when i could be actually reading something! i think when i finally decided to take twenty minutes of my day to read, slowly, i was reading more and more and getting out of that slump, so i was able to pick up longer books with heavier storylines. today, i don’t have a schedule anymore, because i turned it into a habit again, but i think it really helped! i know some people who have habit trackers on their phones and bullet journals, so i think including reading on that can be helpful as well.

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  6. I have to try watching or reading book recommendations. I find I’m no longer an avid reader, quite unlike me. I don’t even know what genre of books pique my interest these days. I just tend to scan through whatever reading material that looks slightly interesting. I feel like its affecting my writing. I’ll put your tips to the test

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