what do you look for in a blog?

what do you look for in a blog- -DISCUSSION

reasons of following a blog (or following someone in general) vary from one person to another. it usually depends on the topics discussed, the writing style, and, believe it or not, graphics/theme. yes, as much as we try not to judge something by its looks, a blog theme does have a role in attracting people. it shouldn’t be a big factor, though.

but what do we exactly look for in a blog? are there factors we all agree on, regardless of topics, themes, and style?

i asked people on twitter: WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A BLOG? and while answers varied, i still found a hint of…sameness (??) in those answers. some people look for variety, a mix of things, not the same category of posts every time. they need something that keeps them coming back, which leads me to say that people also need to find originality in blogs (thoughtful discussions and posts, for example). other people need to know the blogger closely. and by that i mean that he/she/they should have a writing style that makes them look like a friend, someone who’s friendly and interactive with his followers.

after reading people’s answers on twitter, i realized that maybe we all look for the same things, consciously or unconsciously. maybe we don’t have the same tastes, but the same factors appeal us when discovering a blog:

  • variety of topics (when a blog is repetitive, we may like it at the beginning, but eventually we’ll get bored of it)
  • orginality (coming up with new ideas, perspectives, and recommendation)
  • friendliness (can be seen in writing style, opinions, interaction with followers, etc.).

now these three factors can be seen differently from one person to another. every one is interested in different topics, and originality is related to the reader. this is where, i think, we are unlike each other when following a blog.

so while i do think reasons of following someone vary, it may come down to the same thing at end. i don’t know?

what do YOU look for in a blog? i’d love to hear your opinion!


17 thoughts on “what do you look for in a blog?

  1. One big thing that I don’t enjoy in blogs I follow is repetitiveness. I don’t want the same kinds of posts coming up on my feed every time I log on. Like most people I ADORE variety. I also ADORE diversity advocates, and am probably more likely to follow you if you are one! Lovely post ❤

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  2. A blogger who isn’t afraid to show who they are is what I look for in a blog because their individuality translates in their posts. And I’d much appreciate a messy yet creative blog than a high-rated, stiff and formal blog any day (no shade here btw haha). 🙂

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  3. I think the main thing I look for while following new blogs is similar taste of books. Sure, I’ll get bored when I see 7 reviews of the same hyped up book on my timeline by 7 different bloggers- but it’s even more uncomfortable to read review of books totally out of my genre, like erotica. So similarity of reading taste is a priority. Also, I love thoughtful discussion! It doesn’t have to be unique, but I love it when while talking about old topics, that blogger can provoke new thoughts on readers. Another thing is friendliness. Rants are interesting, but after a while, it just become too much. I don’t really mind repetitiveness, but if that blogger keep posting rants and negative reviews… well.

    Interesting post, Maha!

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  4. I think I agree with your followers! Although originality isn’t a huge deal for me, I always like when bloggers write in a friendly way and share about their lives. That’s why I really enjoy reading monthly recaps! Although I struggle commenting on those posts, I still love reading them, because it makes me understand more about the blogger behind it. I don’t like when posts feel flat, when they don’t have a lot of personality. It matters a lot to me that the blogger adds a bit of herself on every post. I have to work on that for my own posts as well, so it was interesting to see many others agree with me. Great post, Maha! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Interesting post! I’ve never thought of it much before but I really love people who are interactive and take their audience into account. I really like people who have a very unique and friendly writing style which I know is hard at the beginning but I find you sort of settle into a writing style that is yours. So I definitely like that. Also, I love when bloggers have really eye catching titles and graphics and such.

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  6. When I look at a blog, I usually ask myself:
    ✔ Do we have similar tastes in books?
    ✔ Do they interact with their readers (i.e. do they comment back or respond to comments)?
    ✔ Do I like their blog design?

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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