A MONTHLY RECAP: march ’17/april ’17


march ’17

i literally don’t know how march passed by. i feel like we skipped this month. it passed in a blur, and i wasn’t that productive. but honestly? that’s the result when you set too many monthly goals.

also, i broke my phone. and now i have to wait until may to get new one. let’s not talk about the fact that all of my pictures/apps/notes are gone and that i haven’t posted a bookstagram picture in almost a month now. *tries hard not to cry*

on a brighter note, i started sensitivity reading this month! i haven’t been sent any email yet, BUT i’m excited to see how it’ll work out.

read this month:

my year is really good so far in terms of reading. a lot of my reads are 4 or 5 stars, which is really amazing. i also read three ARCs, which is my highest score so far, and my feedback ratio increased a lot, and i’m glad.

on the blog:


90% of the books i read this month

as you can see from my ratings, i loved most of the books i read this month. all of them were so amazing i adore them to pieces. (but let’s not talk about the fact that i’m so behind on twitter aesthetics. shhhhhh.)

april ’17

april means spring break for me. it also means beautiful weather and FINALLY being able to go out whenever. i’ve been waiting for this forever.

goals of the month:

  • be productive (especially on spring break)
  • read ARCs

how was march? did you read any good books? what are your goals for april? and when’s your spring break (if you’re having one)/(and if summer has just ended for you) how was your first day of school?


11 thoughts on “A MONTHLY RECAP: march ’17/april ’17

  1. My march wasn’t pretty unproductive aswell… wow you had a great reading month. I can’t wait for the break I wanna get so much done. I hope you have a productive April 😉

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  2. I seriously thought I was the only one who DNF’d Done Dirt Cheap?? I’m so glad you liked most of the books you read in March! My March was very hectic and I had to do a lot of reading for school, which kind of put me in a slump :/ Anyway, I hope you’ll have an amazing April! ❤

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  3. I am so glad you had a productive March! I see you read a lot of contemporaries; and I’m happy you enjoyed them. I didn’t read many great books this month, though, but I plan on continuing on with Harry Potter and I’m sure I’ll love it. I’ve been so obsessed with it, after finishing Prisioner of Azkaban. Knowing more about the Marauders was so interesting… I can’t stop reading related AU’s on the Internet. Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic April as well ❤

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