love-a-thon: the end


love-a-thon is a yearly event hosted by alexa at alexa loves books, cee at the novel hermit, kristin at super space chick, and mel at the daily prophecy, mainly about spreading positivity among bloggers/bookstagrammers/booktubers/etc.

aaaand it’s the end!

love-a-thon has come to an end, and let me tell you, it was amazing! i loved every single bit of it (even the parts that i couldn’t join). let’s wrap it up a little bit.


the first day of love-a-thon started with introductions on every participant’s main platform. i loved reading everyone’s intros and getting to know more about them. of course, i personally didn’t answer all the questions (i’m a busy bee, okay?), BUT almost everyone else did, so it was heartwarming to see that not everyone is as lazy as i am.

after a little blog hopping, i participated in the first love-a-thon twitter chat, and it was a BLAST. i talked to so many people and discovered amazing human beings *squeals*. + the hosts and the questions were super amazing.

unfortunately, i couldn’t be more active after that as i had to study (*sigh*), BUT i read some of the challenges and i LOVED them. they were so creative and amazing. (i’m SO sorry if i haven’t left many comments i’m not really good at that *hides*).

posted on that day: love-a-thon introduction: get to know the blogger!


even more challenges to read! yay! i loved every single one of them (especially the road trip one *winks* *winks*), and had so much fun reading + writing them.

but unfortunately i couldn’t join any twitter chat as it was either too early or too late for my time zone (+ i had to study. again). BUT i had fun reading everyone’s answer way after the chats ended, so that’s a thing.

posted on that day: love-a-thon: on the road (trip)!

it’s so sad to see this amazing event ending. i met a lot of amazing people through it, and had so much fun. thank you to the hosts for this love-a-thon, and i’m so excited for the next one. i already can’t wait!


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