love-a-thon: on the road (trip)!


love-a-thon is a yearly event hosted by alexa at alexa loves books, cee at the novel hermit, kristin at super space chick, and mel at the daily prophecy, mainly about spreading positivity among bloggers/bookstagrammers/booktubers/etc.

let’s go on a road trip!

as traveling is one of my favorite topics ever, i decided to be productive and do this challenge (which is my favorite, if you want my opinion). i mean, how amazing it will be to travel with some of your favorite fictional characters/bloggers/people in general?

so, let’s dream a little:


of course, there are SO many people i’d love to bring with me (we’d probably need at least four cars), so it was hard to narrow it down to four people. ANYWAYS, here are the wonderful human beings who will be joining me:

percy jackson + annabeth chase // percy jackson & the olympians, by rick riordan

C’MON! who wouldn’t want percy jackson (and obviously annabeth) on a road trip? he would probably do something terribly dumb out of curiosity, annabeth would tell him to stop, then things would go terribly wrong and annabeth will say: “I TOLD YOU, SEAWEED BRAIN”, and it’ll be the most amazing trip ever.

izel at a bookish flower

izel is one of my favorite bloggers EVER (+ she’s an amazing friend). she’d LOVE to be with percy and annabeth on a road trip (i KNOW you would, izel), aaaaaand she’s sarcastic and funny, so it will be freaking wonderful.

captain thorne // the lunar chronicles, by marissa meyer

uh oh! did you think i forgot about thorne? he’s one of my FAVESSS. he and percy would certainly go perfectly well with each other. i mean, that car we’ll be in will probably blow up.

*looks back at the result* yep, favorite crew ever. i can’t even imagine the amount of sarcastic comments there will be. i mean, just LOOK AT THIS CREW: percy + annabeth + izel + thorne + me. we’ll probably have no fun at all.


eehhh. i don’t know. probably annabeth or percy. thorne will try to drive it just like his helicopter and we’ll end our trip in jail.


how can i even KNOW where we’ll be with these people? we’ll want to go to disneyland for example, but we’ll end up 126549 miles away from it in a gaz station because percy forgot to charge his car.


making trouble. anywhere and everywhere. we’ll do dumb things then try to help each other but we’ll end up in even more trouble. annabeth will go insane. it’s like she’ll have four percys with her.


anything that involves books, thorne’s WONDERFUL achievements, and sarcasm.

i can DEFINITELY say that this road trip will be A-MA-ZING. unforgettable. it will be the perfect trip. i can picture it in my head right now.

i know, i’m amazing *flips hair*.

what is YOUR perfect road trip? who would you bring? what will you do?


6 thoughts on “love-a-thon: on the road (trip)!

  1. Ah this is such a cute post! I honestly have no idea who I would bring. There are just too many amazing people and characters to choose from!! 😭 We’d probably end up taking a trip to the bookstore at least once though 😉😂

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