dear travel diary, i went to france (+ HAUL)

trip-to-francewell, you probably noticed that i’ve been a little less active on my blog and well, that’s because i TRAVELED! to FRANCE! and spoiler alert: it was amazing.

i decided to make a recap post of everything i’ve done there + a haul of all the books i bought (as i am a fluent french speaker, i can definitely say that i spoiled myself).

part one: lyon

cinema-lyonlyon is a not-too-big-but-not-too-small city in the south-east of france where my Cool Aunt lives so me and my sister visited her. and, obviously, Cool Aunt took us to a lot of great places there. from ancient towns to parks to beautifully built churches, EVERYTHING was beautiful in that city.

we went to VIEUX LYON (translating to “old lyon”), which is, you can probably guess, the old town of the city. we wandered through its little streets, and it was really beautiful. seeing all the culture and history that that place holds was amazing.

another part of the french culture i loved its art. i mean, those churches! in lyon, i visited one called BASILIQUE NOTRE DAME DE FOURVIERE, and it left me speechless. i mean: oh my god! i couldn’t stop asking myself how could people have done such a wonderful work of art. it’s just so stunning! as a drawer/painter myself, i loved it.

what also left me speechless is a certain park called PARC DE LA TËTE D’OR (mainly because we walked so much i just couldn’t talk or move my feet at the end, but let’s not talk about that). i wish i could have seen it at day (because yes, we saw it at night), i think i would have enjoyed it much more. but oh well…

of course we visited SO many more places in lyon, like THE OPERA and other places i don’t know the name of because we found them when we were lost. but yeah, you could say that i adored it very very much.

part two: paris

oh mon dieu*! where do i start? *sigh*

if you’ve been following me for a long time you’ve probably known that i wanted to visit paris since…i don’t even remember. and now i did and oh god.


sadly i only spent two days there but i saw as much as i could: from L’ARC DE TRIOMPHE to LES CHAMPS ELYSEES, then LA SEINE, but also LA TOUR EIFFEL, LE MUSEE DU LOUVRE, SACRE-COEUR, and finally, MOULIN ROUGE. i honestly felt like i was in a musical or something, i even started singing la la land songs. it was THAT wonderful. i also felt so…artistic? i finally understand all the art-related hype around this city. now that i’ve come back i just want to draw and write poems for all those places. honestly, if you are artistic in a way or another, just go to paris. it expands your vision of art SO MUCH. i mean, my artistic and aesthetic self was very very pleased.

*oh mon dieu = oh my god

part three: haul

as i said earlier in this post, i spoiled myself when it comes to books. usually i don’t find a lot of ya novels where i live, so i took the opportunity and bought as much as my wallet could afford (believe me, it was hard).

but yeah, here are the books i bought from france:

BURN FOR BURN, by jenny han + siobhan vivian: i’ve been wanting to read this book for so long, so when i found it in the bookstore at a cheap price, i had to buy it. i heard a lot of good things about it, how the series amazing and addictive, so i can’t wait to dive into it.

#FAMOUS, by jilly gagnon: okay, i know this book comes out on february 14th 2017, but the french edition was out in january (i don’t know why either)! i’m so glad i found it, i’ve waited so long to have this book in my hands.

HOW IT FEELS TO FLY, by kathryn holmes: oh my god this book. i’ve been looking for it since xan at twirling pages posted a review of it, which made me want to read it so bad.

DID I MENTION I LOVE YOU, by estelle maskame: i heard some pretty mixed things about this book, and it caught my attention as i wanted to form my own opinion about it.

ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, by benjamin alire sàenz: i finally have this book. it’s finally happening guys, i’m reading it. soon. i promise. i’ve heard so many amazing things about it. you cannot imagine how hyped i am for it.

A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE, by brittany cavallaro: i heard a lot of good things about this book last year before and when it came out, + the blurb looks promising. as a sherlock holmes lover, i couldn’t not buy it.

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: THE SCREENPLAY, by j.k. rowling: i don’t know about you, but i’m a huge harry potter fan (just like 50% of the human population). and i couldn’t buy this new screenplay because it’s just so expensive where i live. at the same time i wanted to read it before seeing the movie. as a result, i’m behind on the harry potter stories. but hopefully, this is going to be fixed soon.

THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS, by rick riordan: this author is just my new obsession, okay? i’m currently reading this book and OH MY GOD. it’s epic. i sure don’t want this series to end, it’s just so good. *cries forever*

to sum up, this trip was really amazing. even though i was tired when i came back, it was worth it (+ i took some really artsy pictures and i have many ideas now for posts, poems and drawings).

do you like to travel? what’s a place you want to travel to so bad? is there a reason why? what’s the best place you traveled to? aLSO, have you read any of the books in the haul? what were your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “dear travel diary, i went to france (+ HAUL)

  1. ahh france! you’re so lucky! i would love to travel but my family can’t afford it so here i am waiting for my chance hehe😁 my friend always wanted to learn fashion and she actually did it and actually studying in france now! if i ever get the chance to visit france, i will definitely visit arc de triomphe, sacre coeur, notre dame and point zero (bc anna and the french kiss)💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yayyy! I’m so excited you’re finally reading Ari & Dante and Blood of Olympus. They’re two of my favorite books ever and I’m sure you will enjoy both. I also really liked Burn for Burn. I haven’t continued on with the series yet, but I think the characters were absolutely amazing. I hope you like them as much as I did!
    I’ve never been to Paris, but it sure is a dream of mine. Although I am not a very artistic person, the city just seems so pretty! I don’t think I’d be able to stop taking pictures! I’m glad you had a great time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well, ACTUALLY, i’ve already finished THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS and i LOVED it! so so amazing, and wonderful conclusion to the series! ❤️
      and i hope you go to france one day (hopefully soon)!✨


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