because songs are just books with rhythm and music


to me, books and music have had a dear place in my heart for as long as i remember. both are very important to me. i’ve grown, learned and lived with them, so i can’t imagine my life without them.

i’ve always been told that books are so different than music. i even had them in two different categories in my mind. i frequently hear that music is music, and books are books, and that i can never mix them up. otherwise, why would they have different names?

but let’s imagine this: you’re in your room and decide to listen to some music. you put a good song on, and suddenly, it hits you. you’re swept away to a whole new world, or you’re getting back to old memories. you’re hearing a story throughout this song, or you’re living your own again. it gives you feels, or worse: it opens wounds you thought have become fading scars a long time ago.

exactly like what happens when you’re reading a good book.

how come i imagine a different story every time i hear a song? how come sometimes, if i love the song so much, it introduces me to a whole new world? how come, when a song speaks to a spiritual level, when it reminds me of memories long forgotten and buried, the feels are reborn, the tears come up and the wounds are open again?

how come, sometimes, when i hear a song, i immediately think of a certain book? how come both a song and a book have the same content, even though they seem to have no relation? how come, when i hear a song, i feel like the writer has actually written a book? how come, when i read a book, i feel like the author has actually written a song?

if writing and music are so different, how come they feel so alike?

because songs are just books with rhythm and music. because, no matter how far the two arts look from each other, they are one and the same, just with different tools. both hold stories. both make you travel to a whole new world. both, sometimes, make your skin crawl and give you feels. both give you memories, experiences. both are alive.


9 thoughts on “because songs are just books with rhythm and music

  1. A thousand times yes for this post! I love music and I can relate to all the emotions of when I’m reading a book. Of course, there are a few songs that have some very disrespectful lyrics. But, hey, aren’t there thousands of books just like that as well? I also don’t believe these are two very different arts. Music transports you to a whole new world and so does reading! I guess I understand now why I’m so passionate about both. ❤
    Fantastic post, Maha!

    Liked by 1 person

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