my 2017 resolutions (a.k.a. all the things i’ll probably never do this year)


2017-resolutionswith this year starting come new resolutions. we wish to do/avoid things, have new experiences, read more books, etc. and as most bloggers listed their next year’s resolutions in a post, i decided to do it as well. of course, that doesn’t motivate me or anything, i just love lists. + i’m 99.99% sure i won’t accomplish half of these things.

so yeah, here are all the things i’ll ~probably~ never accomplish in 2017:

one: read whenever and wherever i can (+ read more ~diverse~ books)

like 75% of teenagers, i waste half of my time procrastinating, socializing, and singing to panic! at the disco. and this time can be used doing other things (except for singing to p!atd because that activity will not be replaced), like reading. i don’t really have a reading goal (i set my goodreads challenge to one book) though. i think that if i don’t get pressured to read, i might actually read more.

and one things that i’m sure i want to do is to read out of my comfort zone. last year, i started reading contemporaries and haven’t stopped ever since. that would be amazing to have a new favorite book in genres other than contemporary/fantasy/young adult.

i’m also definitely willing to read more diverse novels this year (this is one i’ll accomplish, i’m sure), by participating in the #diversitybingo2017. i already have a list on my phone of all the books i wish to read this year.

two: be active on the blog

this one may be hard sometimes (for example on finals weeks, or next fall where i’ll have far less time to do fun things), but i think i can handle it. the only problem will be the post ideas. i don’t post under a schedule, so that’s more uplifting. oh well, i think inspiration will come when it should.

also, what are the kind of posts you want to see more of on my blog? would you want me to talk about my works in progress? poetry (which i LOVE, by the way)? or maybe some wattpad* recommendation? i’ll try to keep them in mind when i’ll be writing other posts in the future.

*wattpad is an online website for writing/reading books. you should definitely check it out, it’s amazing (and addicting).

three: study more (+ stop procrastinating)

this one is in the same theme as the first resolution (in sum, i really need to stop wasting time).

when it come to studying, i’m the laziest person on earth. so in 2017, i really want it to stop. i wasted enough time in my life, and i need higher grades. that’s why i have to avoid keeping homework and exams’ preparation until the last minute and only regretting it in class. (by the way, i forgot that i should be studying right now. we’re off to a good start.)

four: don’t stress myself

as i already wasted most of my time, i also have to stop reducing more of my life time by stressing myself. i certainly do not say i’m an overly stressed person, but i definitely need to stress less.

five: bullet journal

i started a bullet journal about five months ago, and i…stopped. i really don’t know why (look, i’m not used to the organized life). this also have to change in 2017. i love to see pictures of bullet journals etc., so that would be amazing to have those pages in real life (not really, my bullet journal would be far less aesthetically pleasing than the ones on pinterest/tumblr).

six: travel

these last two years, i’ve traveled to some amazing cities/countries, so i really want to expand my list of places i visited an reduce the list of places i want to visit (okay, that would never happen).

i think i *might* achieve this one. i already have a city in mind that i may or may not go to next month (it’s still not sure though).

seven: be happy with what i have

sometimes, when i browse through other people’s blogs/instagram feeds, i feel like mine are just…meh. and i need to stop doing that, because i will have less inspiration and more slumps. i should be happy with what i have, and what i do. i need to remind myself that my blog is really amazing and that the fact that i blog for myself before anybody else is what matters the most.

eight: draw more

i haven’t really drawn something since…2015? that’s freaking bad. i mean, i still draw whenever/wherever (how do you think i spend time in class? actually listening to what the teacher says? *sarcastic laugh*), but sometimes i need to take a paper and draw a thing, you know?

nine: learn new things

2016 ended for me with far more lessons than i expected. i’ve changed completely. i want 2017 to be like these kind of years as well. year of experiences (whether good or bad). i want to LEARN this year. i want, at the end of 2017 to feel like all of it MATTERED.

these are all my 2017 resolutions for 2017 (a.k.a. all the things i’ll never do this year). (no, but seriously, i really hope i’ll achieve them).

what are your resolutions for 2017? and what kind of posts should i make more of this year? anything from the suggestions in resolution number two?


15 thoughts on “my 2017 resolutions (a.k.a. all the things i’ll probably never do this year)

  1. I really need to stop procrastinating too. It’s just a bad habit I’ve had since middle school, and I should probably crack it before college, but I’m a lazy bum. 😝 And I also need to work on being happy with what I have as well. 😄

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  2. I feel better when i try to achieve something so i usually put up a Goodreads goal that would chellange me, which is 40 again for this year, because i couldn’t manage it last year but read 38. *-* I also started trying to read diversely last year and got into some really beautiful classic pieces and enjoyed them very much! *o*

    I should stop procrastinating, too. And i should stop singing along Bon Jovi. I. Must. Sto-. Nope, not happening.

    And to manage studying more and being organized, i got myself an agenda. One with a beautiful Batman print on it, and it’s so lovely. I love every bit of it. I’m just too lazy for a bullet journal, i guess. *sigh*

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    1. i hope you’ll achieve your goals!! especially your goodreads challenge 😉❤️
      and if you don’t have time for a bullet journal you can always buy notebooks for it (if they’re available where you live)! i don’t know much about it, but they look pretty good.

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  3. Some of my resolutions are also study more seriously and learn new things. I’m just so lazy too and I definitely need to take my study more seriously. It’s just so hard you know? Even without the internet and my phone tempting me, I would still waste my time by cleaning my room, drawing, or doing anything other than studying! It’s just so frustrating.

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  4. I absolutely love your resolutions and I am pretty sure you’ll do great in achieving them 🙂 It’s very important to read whenever you want without the pressure of other people. That’s what i learned last year, and I realized I was so much happier and comfortable with reading 🙂 I felt like there was no deadline or anything that I should be obliged to follow. I hope you have a beautiful 2017. And of course, being happy with you have is highly important. Please don’t ever forget to do that 🙂

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

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  5. These are definitely some of my resolutions for the year as well! Studying and continuing to read as much as possible are definitely priorities for me. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  6. I relate to many of your resolutions, Maha! Stop procrastinating is my #1 goal for 2017. I spend soooo much time doing useless things, like watching 1000 degrees knife cutting videos on Youtube. Honestly. I also want to be more organized and maybe create a blogging schedule. I really can’t do bullet-journals, or anything that involves handwriting, but I’ll try to create a system where I can organize everything I need to do. I’m not sure if that will work, though, hahah.

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  7. HEYYY Maha, you got this ✋💕 I also want to draw (paint too) more — idk for some reason I stopped last year *cries* + only read diverse books (a piece of 🍰 considering all the books that are coming out this year!!)

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    1. YES!! it will be amazing!! i already started reading some diverse novels on wattpad and oh my god people are just so talented!! i read about poc and depression and it’s so well represented!! 💕
      and i didn’t know you draw, cari! it’s been my first hobby before reading, and after starting to read and discovering something called twitter, i stopped somehow. but i want to get back to it!! 😭
      thank you so much (i’m glad you’re back)! ❤️


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