A MONTHLY RECAP: december ’16/ january ’17 (+ ANNOUNCEMENT)


december ’16

december was the month of wrapping up. the year has come to an end (so quickly, if you want my opinion), and it was time for reading the last books and setting up the last posts of 2016.

meanwhile, i didn’t read as many books as i did last month, but the ones i read where still good. i ended up reading 48 books in 2016 (which, you could say, makes me very proud as a slow reader*).

*well, i don’t know if i’m still a slow reader. i was definitely one at the beginning of the year.

read this month:

i can say it was quite a good reading month for me. i mean, i expected a reading slump after all the books i read in november. instead of that, i got to read some amazing books. so i’m glad. and even though my reading pace wasn’t as fast as last month, that’s okay. i’d prefer quality over quantity. (let’s not talk about the fact that THE LOST HERO + THE SON OF NEPTUNE are over 500 pages each. not that it’s it’s a problem, really, just gIVE ME ALL THE RIORDAN’S BOOKS.)

on the blog:


leo valdez

i’m not kidding. i’m putting a book character in my favorites’ section. even though i only read the first two books of HEROES OF OLYMPUS (+ i’m currently reading the third book), i love leo so SO much. my heart.

kissing in america, by margo rabb

this book was everything i needed in my life. this is not a drill, please go read this book, and come fangirl with me. i still don’t know why it’s so underrated? it’s freaking GENIUS.



i really don’t know why i didn’t start this show earlier. i’m only on season 2, but it’s just so good. and funny. and amazing. and wonderful. i just can’t stop talking about it. i’m probably the last one to see it, but if you haven’t, i highly recommend you to give FRIENDS a try. i’ll ~probably~ go watch it after finishing this post. (it’s not even a probability, i will.) i’m also thinking of writing a post about why you should be watching FRIENDS? should i do it?

january ’17

we’re just one week into january, and studying has already taken over my life. i have so many exams coming, and i don’t know how i’m going to handle it (probably by reading HEROES OF OLYMPUS, watching FRIENDS, and sleeping).

goals of the month:

  • start a bullet journal (and KEEP UP WITH IT)
  • read whenever i can
  • take care of myself.


i’m so excited to announce that i’m now an official blogger for THE AFFINITY MAGAZINE! i’m so happy! i’ve applied for it in december, and the staff made my day by sending me an email a while after to tell me that i’ve been chosen to be a staff writer!

mini Q&A:

i know there are a lot of questions you want to ask, so i will try to guess some of them and answer them now.

what even is the affinity magazine?

THE AFFINITY MAGAZINE is a social justice magazine written for teens by teens (according to their bio on twitter). a lot of people there are usually talking about sensitive subjects and discussing not only teens’ issues, but also politics.

can i apply for it too?

yes of course, you can apply here. usually staff writer should submit a post every week, but you can also apply to be a part-time blogger, and submit a post whenever you want (in the same link).

does that mean you’ll be blogging less here?

of course not! i’ll be blogging just the same! i may be a little more professional there, but nothing will change here. at all. i’ll still be the same sarcastic-and-not-really-professional blogger.

if you have any other questions about that, just ask me below! also, how was your december? what are some of your goals for 2017 (or at least january)? and should i really make a post about why you should be watching FRIENDS? what do you think?


10 thoughts on “A MONTHLY RECAP: december ’16/ january ’17 (+ ANNOUNCEMENT)

  1. Leo Valdez should be everyone’s favorite! 😁 I love Nico and Hazel as well! I should really re-read this series; I still haven’t read The Blood of Olympus, and it’s shameful. 🙈 Also, my main goal for 2017 is to read 200 books and blog well, so hopefully I’ll keep up with them both!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on getting into Affinity Magazine! I had never heard about it before, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out and read your posts there!
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Heroes of Olympus. To be honest, they are not my favorite books; I do prefer the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, but I still love the characters. Frank and Hazel will always be my favorites!
    And, trust me, you’re not the last person on Earth that hasn’t watched FRIENDS yet. I haven’t watched it, either! Comedy TV shows are not my favorite; I usually go for something more dramatic, because, well, I love all the drama, hahah.
    For my January goals: I hope to read a lot. I really want to make myself more productive, since I only have a few weeks free before school starts again.
    I hope you have a great January, Maha!

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      and yes! i do admit that sometimes, pjo is better than hoo, but hoo is still good if you want my opinion!
      and YOU SHOULD WATCH FRIENDS!! i’m not a big fan of sitcoms either, but this one is SOOOOO GOOD. and addicting. if you have the time, maybe give it a try! 😇
      AND i hope you achieve your january goals!! 💕


  3. I am SO HAPPY to hear that you’re enjoying Friends! It’s my all-time favourite show and I rewatch it annually, and my tally is probably like, ten times, no joke. It’s not without flaws, but I just enjoyed every second of it and watching it always transports me to a happier place. I’d love to read that post on why you should read Friends. 🙂

    And congratulations on getting that gig with The Affinity Magazine! I’ve had a browse around and it looks like a great magazine.

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