an open letter to my younger self


This is an open letter to my pre-teen era, a.k.a my eleven/twelve years-old self.  I’m sorry in advance if this post gets a little sentimental and/or personal. I might have shred a little tear while writing it.

Dear younger self,

I’ve always imagined that my letter to you would be some sort of motivational speech about how miserable and dramatic your life will be and how triumphant you’ll get over it. I don’t know why. Maybe I’ve read so many similar letters that made me believe I should have a horrible story to tell or live some shocking event or some fantastic adventure that will stay with me forever, so I can write to you.

But then, one day, it struck me that you don’t have to be unlike others, or live some kind of fantastic adventure, to be original, because it’s the little things, the daily activities, meetings, laughs, cries, moments that, eventually, will make your life unique, will make YOU unique, with beauties and flaws unlike anybody else.

So yes, your life will be as normal as it is now. Yes, your clothing style will be just as similar as everybody’s style. And no, your life won’t be the most amazing one. In fact, studying will take over your life, and you’ll become a professional procrastinator with a boring story to tell.

But you’ll meet some people that will make this boring life special. You’ll wear whatever you like. You’ll always be short, and always be teased for that. But it will be okay for you then, because you’ll have accepted yourself, just as you are, with your strange laugh, tiny hands and little freckles. And when you’ll think about all those details and moments, you’ll realize that, actually, your life IS unique, YOU are unique.

I know you probably won’t take my advice but…take care of yourself, don’t underestimate it. Laugh, cry, be happy, sad, angry, whatever. And just…live. Live for yourself, live for the others, live for the moment, live for the future, for what’s coming next, and live for the unexpected.

With care,

An older self who loves you dearly.


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