a not-so-original guide on how to read more


With school starting to get over our lives, we -readers- don’t have anymore time to read as we used to over the summer. There’s no more time, and too much work to be done. Well, thanks to Maha for coming with some not so original ideas on how to read more during the school year (or whenever you’re busy).

*awkward silence before stepping into the tips*

Forget Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media

Yes, you can choke.

As much as we love to be on social media with all the amazing people of the book community, it does take too much of our time. So we have to choose between being active on social media or taking a little step back to read a little more. Your choice.

Of course that doesn’t mean you should completely disappear from social media, just…try to use it less often. You’ll see how much time you’ll gain. Not only for reading, but also for studying.

What is sleep?

If you want to read more during the school year, you should probably sacrifice some sleep. I know it means struggles for waking up and robbing eyes while trying to concentrate in the middle of the class. But once in a while? I think it’s worth it. Plus you can always sleep in class if the teacher is not noticing. Have I done it before? Um…maybe?

Books are not made to be left at home

Imagine that you’re in the bus coming back from school and the traffic is slower that a turtle, and your phone has no data and no music. What are you going to do then? Stare at the road? Start studying for that test you have tomorrow? Curse your life? Socialize? Heck no. You’re going to pull out that book you brought with you and read. And even if you only read 10 pages or something, that’s totally okay.

And if you’re a perfectionist and are afraid to damage that insanely beautiful hardcover, you can always have an digital version of the book on your phone, or take pictures the night before of the pages you’re going to read depending on your predictions. But it’s always better to have the actual book.

I mean: Audiobooks.

You don’t have the time to read: Audiobooks.

You forgot your book at home: Audiobooks.

You have to read a really boring book for school: Audiobooks.

Okay okay okay, I’ve never really listened to an audiobook before. But some of my friends told me that it really helps reading faster, and if the book is beautifully narrated, it makes it 1000x better. So…audiobooks.

400 pages and less are the national anthem

So you’re busy, right? You don’t have time to read, right? But you’re going to start that 700 pages long book anyway, right?


You should probably start by reading rather shorter books (around 400 pages or less). I think that seeing that you only have around 300 pages left to read encourages you to continue with the book? I mean, the book’s length has its effect on me. I found myself this month reading 2 books of 300 pages each in one week, which is the same as reading a 600 pages long book, which would have taken me at least two weeks.

This also helps fastening your reading pace. I mean, you should really see the amount of books I read this month thanks to this tip (and Percy Jackson). Oh, you’re probably going to see it in my next recap *winks*.


*Do Not Finish

So you’re reading a book and you’re really not enjoying it. Do you keep reading it? No. You put it down. Move on. Start another book.

How many books do you read a month? Do you wish you could read more? What are your tips for reading more?



11 thoughts on “a not-so-original guide on how to read more

  1. These are great tips! I think it’s good opting for reading over stuff like facebook – they tend to make you more stressed than it’s worth! I carry a book with me EVERYWHERE that I go, like, even the shopping centre…you never know when you are going to need it!!

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  2. These tips are awesome🙌 Also, I lose a hell of lot reading time because if social media, sometimes it just captures me 😂🙇 Or TV shows, that’s a real and serious issue 😐😵😂


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