A MONTHLY RECAP: september ’16/october ’16


september ’16

september has been quite…busy. i went back to school, had religious celebrations, and travelled. i’ve also tragically fallen into a reading, blogging, life slump by the end of the month. i did read some good books, though, before this horrible slump swallowed my will to be productive.

read this month

HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD, by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany & Jack Thorne: i’ve been waiting for this book FOREVER, and when i finally had it in my hands, i read it in ONE day. this book was everything i could ask for. i admit that, from a critical point of view, it is a bit strange, and it is useless to the main books, but i still loved it. ★★★★★

SIX OF CROWS, by Leigh Bardugoall this book has done is BREKK my heart into million pieces (pun intended). this book is a masterpiece, and i cannot wait to hold CROOKED KINGDOM in my hands. ★★★★★

ANGELFALL, by Susan Eei really enjoyed this book. the plot was original, however it was a bit…messy (?), and the beginning felt a bit rushed. i’m definitely reading the sequel though.★★★☆☆

on the blog


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review: the unexpected everything by morgan matson

STALKING JACK THE RIPPER blog tour: reasons i’m excited for the book

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: fall 2016 edition



six of crows by leigh bardugo

do i love this book? no. i am OBSESSED by it. i get jealous every time i see people getting CROOKED KINGDOM. i’m looking for aesthetics of it every day. i just i just…*sigh*

october ’16

school still hasn’t taken over my life. yet. but i’m sure it will this month, i can feel the exams and all the homework coming. anyway, i’ll try to read some books, and write at least ONE post for the blog. we’ll see…

how was your month? read any good books? also, should i make a review of any of the books mentioned in this post? tell me in the comments!



10 thoughts on “A MONTHLY RECAP: september ’16/october ’16

  1. Hahah, same Maha! I can feel school pressure coming my way slowly. I am definitely not ready!
    I also don’t know if I should read Six of Crows, since I haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy. Everyone says it is fine to start from this book onwards, but I’m still insecure. Have you read both? Which do you prefer?
    I hope you have a great October!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you!!❤️
      as for SIX OF CROWS, i say read it AFTER the grisha trilogy (or at least after reading the first one), you’ll understand the world more (i think). i love both SoC and The Grisha Trilogy it’s so hard to choose a favorite!


  2. I feel you! I can also feel the exams coming… And yes, I’m also so jealous with people that able to read Crooked Kingdom already! I stalk the pictures of it daily while avoiding spoilers like crazy *sobs*

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  3. I actually haven’t read Six of Crows?….yet? *ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes* IM SORRY IM SORRY I KNOW IT’S LIKE CRAZY HYPED BUT I’LL GET TO IT EVENTUALLY I PROMISE. (also how can I not?? that cover is beautiful???)

    I’ve never heard that song before, It’s great! It’s really moving and *sadly* sums up 2016 pretty well 😦

    I know what you mean! I haven’t /exactly/ lost the will to be productive, but I’ve been too lazy to bother being productive.
    BUT IM TURNING THAT AROUND. I’m writing posts months in advance as of last week and I’m trying to be as productive as possible by outlining my NaNoWriMo novel and things like that. Everything is so time consuming but once I get into it it’s really fun!!

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