ten books to read if you like fluff


top ten tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the broke and the bookish in which bloggers share lists related to a certain topic. this week was a freebie rewind so i decided to revisit this topic after reading this post by alexandra at twirling pages  again and again and again.

fluff. probably the word that describes itself just by pronouncing it. okay maybe not.

you’re probably unfamiliar with the term fluff. i was too just a few months ago, but don’t worry, the unicorn herself is here to explain for you the meaning of this weird-but-fun-to-pronounce word.

FLUFF/FLUFFY [noun/adjective]: Can often mean adorable, fun loving, and cuddly. Fluffy can be referred to as a person who is extremely attractive on occasion.

in other words, fluff or fluffy means to everything that is cute, adorable, that makes you smile or just want to cuddle and squish everyone and everything.

to help you more, here are some situations -in books- that can be described as fluff or fluffy:

  • a cute, romantic scene between two characters you ship so much that makes you just want to hug them (but then you realize you actually can’t so you just hug them in your head)
  • basically characters that just make you flail from adorable-ness
  • dogs being cuddled and well-cared of
  • ice-cream
  • unicorns.

now you know what the term fluff means (or maybe i explained it badly and you’re just sitting there questioning what the hell is this post). with that being said, i present to you ten books to read if you like fluff:

anna and the french kiss; lola and the boy next door; isla and the happily ever after; all by stephanie perkins

the whole Anna and The French Kiss trilogy is so so so adorable you’ll find yourself squealing your head off. these books are the perfect summer reads, and if you’re unfamiliar with fluffy books, these are the ones i recommend you to start with.

to all the boys i’ve loved before by jenny han; the selection by kiera cass

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is just fluffiness wrapped in a book. if you’re looking for a quick read with cuteness, you won’t find better than this novel. as for The Selection, i don’t know if everyone will considerate it as a “fluffy read”, but i found it very cute and sometimes it was just so adorable, so i had to add it to this list. even though, if you follow me on goodreads, you know i wasn’t a big fan of The Elite, which is the sequel to this book, i will still read The One soon. ish. so i still recommend this series.

since you’ve been gone by morgan matson; fangirl by rainbow rowell; this is what happy looks like by jennifer e. smith

Since You’ve Been Gone is probably -definitely- my favorite contemporary of all time. i love every single page of it. it’s amazing and adorable and, well, fluffy (obviously). that’s why i had to add it to the list. Fangirl, however, wasn’t a favorite. but i do think a lot of people can love it, and the characters are so fluffy (*cough* Levi *cough*), so i added it too. but if you want a books that makes you happy (like i’m-just-smiling-for-no-reason happy), i say go for This Is What Happy Looks Like. because this book is literally what happy looks like. i highly recommend it.

okay these weren’t ten books… but eight is kind of close to ten?

do you like fluffy reads? if so, what are some of your favorites? do you have any books you love on this list?



24 thoughts on “ten books to read if you like fluff

  1. Omg, I think I’ve read about 50% of the books here?? BUT I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE FIFTY PERCENT I’VE READ – all so fluffy, and just so many feels πŸ˜€ I actually have Since You’ve Been Gone from the library right now – but it sounded more serious to me?? Glad it’s fluffy though – I was a bit apprehensive with how serious it sounded o_O

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  2. Completely agree about To All The Boys! That book was super cute and just fluffy all throughout – some conflict, but you kind of know it’s all going to be OK in the end. I like fluffy reads, but I think I tend to gravitate towards more serious stuff. The last fluffy-ish book I read was Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour, I think, and I really liked it. πŸ™‚

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