how to start a bookstagram

start a bookstagram


if you don’t know what a bookstagram is, it’s an Instagram account dedicated for books. even though we all know that nothing can do justice to the beauty of covers, people still make accounts to take creative pictures of those.

in this post, i’m going to guide you step by step by step into starting a bookstagram account (believe me, it’s not as hard as it looks).

step 1: create an account

the first step to start a bookstagram is to create an instagram account. this one is easy enough, except when you have to choose a username. i wouldn’t choose a username for you, but here are some tips for you to do so:

  • make sure that the username is not already taken (it will be impossible to create an account if it is).
  • choose something unique and short that relates to you, or to your favorite book/series (i chose “younicorn reads” because i’m a UNICORN and i love to READ, and i replaced U by YOU in UNICORN because ~i think~ it is more original and people can easily recognize me that way).
  • try not to add numbers or signs (like “-” or “_”) if the username is already taken but you really like it, instead try to add “the”, “a”, or “an” at the beginning (even though i advice you to totally try another username so it would REFLECT YOU and ONLY YOU).

step 2: edit your profile picture and caption

now that you’ve created an account, you need to edit your profile. for that, you will need a profile picture and a caption, and they should both attract the reader/follower. for your profile picture, i would advice choosing a picture of you holding/reading a book (or holding a lot of books). you don’t need to show your face. here are some of mine that i used as profile pictures for my bookstagram (without showing my face):

my current profile picture & my old one

as for your caption, you can add your age as well as your other interests, your current read or you favorite quote. i also advice you to add your usernames for other social media accounts, and your email for inquiries (+ the link to your blog if you have one, and there is a special place for that), that way you will look more…professional. however, all of this should be written in THE LEAST WORD COUNT POSSIBLE. you need to be brief, because you don’t have a lot of space. here is my caption to help you:

bibliophile, book blogger & photography lover

☁️ twitter, tumblr & pinterest: younicornreads


step 3: take your pictures

now that everything is set up, you need to take your first pictures. honestly, even though you can take amazing pictures with a professional camera, you don’t really need it. i personally only use my phone, and i’m totally okay with that. some of the most popular bookstagrams only use their phone too.

you also don’t have to stick with a certain theme for your pictures. i don’t have a “background theme”, my pictures have different backgrounds, but i have more of a “filter theme”, which means my pictures all have the same filter (kind of). but you really don’t have to do that.

speaking of that, i use VSCOcam, a free app you can get on your phone, to edit my pictures, and it’s honestly amazing. you can add filters and edit the exposure, saturation, etc. i highly recommend it .(please tell me if i should make a whole detailed post about how i edit my pictures, so you can know more of my “work” before the final result.)

when posting your pictures, you can also add hashtags -which are used for the subject of the post- at the end of you caption, or in a whole other comment (the second option is better *winks*), that way when people search for pictures of books (because yes, people do that a lot), they can find yours. the most used hashtags are #books, #bookstagram, and #bibliophile. but please don’t add hashtags that are not related to books for your bookstagram pictures, i personally wouldn’t like to see a picture of a book when i’m scrolling on the #food or #dog hashtags (unless you have a picture of a book AND food/dog).

here is my bookstagram if you want to see more of my pictures.

step 4: interact with other bookstagrammers

interacting with other bookstagrammers is the PERFECT way for people to know you. go to other people’s accounts, follow them, like their pictures, comment on them, and just TELL THEM THAT THEIR PICTURE IS PRETTY, it will make their day. also, please don’t comment “F4F” or “S4S”, because people will do everything except following you if you do so. and PLEASE don’t make the “Shoutout for Shoutout” thing, it’s just so annoying and you will gain more unfollowers than followers.

remember that you will not gain thousands of followers from the beginning. you need to be patient, active, and to interact with other people (A LOT).

no but seriously, don’t be afraid to start a bookstagram, it’s just so amazing and everyone is so sweet and welcoming. you will not regret it.

do you have a bookstagram? if so, link me to your account so i can follow you! if not, are you thinking of making one? (seriously, stop thinking and just make one.)



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