one year of blogging (achievements, thanks & goals)

one year of blogging

today marks my first blogiversary (if you spell it like that). wow. i’ve never imagined i would say this. time flies. the journey of blogging has been beyond amazing so far and i cannot be more thankful for the day i created this blog (well, technically not this one).

it seems like yesterday i’ve been thinking about making a blog, and sharing my thoughts on books like i’ve always wanted to. and now, i’ve been doing it for one year, and i still love it (even though i’ve been a little absent lately i’m so sorry love you all).

the journey of younicorn reads:


  • July 31st, 2015: younicorn reads was created.
  • November 2015: i created a twitter account.
  • December 13th, 2015: i reached 100 blog followers (on my old blog).
  • December 26th, 2015: i switched into Blogger (i still don’t know what have been crossing my mind at that time).
  • January 1st, 2016: i created a new Goodreads account, after being inactive on my old one for almost a year (don’t worry, i’m more active on it now).
  • March 6th, 2016: i switched again to WordPress, and somehow it is the best decision i’ve taken. but i had to start from scratch for the second time.
  • May 5th, 2016: my bookstagram was hacked, and i had to start another account.
  • TODAY (July 31st, 2016): (ALMOST) 100 blog followers,  250 instagram followers, 53 tumblr followers, and (ALMOST) 500 twitter followers (!!!!).

many thanks to:

  • my family, for encouraging me to keep going (even though most of you didn’t know i had a blog until later I’M SO SORRY OKAY, I WAS SHY).
  • my real life friends, for the endless conversations about not just books but everything, and for coping with my weirdness.
  • Claudia at PenMarkings, for providing us with amazing blog posts, and for being a wonderful friend that i certainly do not deserve.
  • Cari at addictionbookss (on twitter), for being so sweet and amazing, and for fangirling about aesthetics with me.
  • Xan at twirling pages, for being one of my biggest inspiration, not only for my blog posts but also for my bookstagram pictures and basically EVERYTHING.
  • Alexandra at Literary Legionnaire, for being so kind to me and sharing my discussion posts, and of course for being a wonderful friend.
  • Jill at Book Nerd Reads, your bookstagram pictures are just goals of goals, and you’re so sweet, i can’t wait to know you more.
  • Salma at Sea of Books, for being a real life AND a blogger friend. you basically know everything, thank you thank you thank you.
  • Izel at A Bookish Flower, for basically just being thebomb[dot]com. stop disappearing from the internet please and thank you.
  • Claire at Cover to Cover, for teaching me all the coding stuff and accepting me as a guest blogger because it was the reason we became friends (that typo on my email address is the reason to all of this. a typo is being useful for once).
  • Ava at Bookishness and Tea, for being an inspiration and an amazing friend. i love to talk to you and i can’t wait to know you more.
  • and everyone who has been reading, liking, commenting, and following my posts, so whether you’ve come here for the first time today or a year ago, THANK YOU. i would not have reached this without you. you’re encouraging me every day to keep going and not to give up, and THIS is the best gift i could ask for.

goals for the next twelve months

you’d probably think that i’m a professional blogger for setting goals and stuff like that.


i still don’t schedule posts a week before posting it, i still make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in my posts, i’m still not organized. so no, i don’t count myself as a professional blogger. but i’m still going to set goals and pretend that i’m actually going to achieve them, while knowing that i will only achieve one or two out of this list.

so let’s keep pretending, here are my goals for next year:

  • post more of personal posts (more about my country, my travels, etc.).
  • try my best to schedule all the week’s posts on the weekend.
  • write and post more open letters (i only wrote one that’s a shame for me).
  • do not disappear from my blog and come back after like nothing has ever happened (i probably won’t achieve this one. I’M SORRY PEEPS OKAY).

i think that’s it. thank you again so so much for this amazing journey, and i cannot wait to see what the future is holding for me.



21 thoughts on “one year of blogging (achievements, thanks & goals)

  1. OMG MAHA IM SO SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING SO MUCH, but believe me I’ll make an effort to be more around the blogosphere just because YOU said please AND thank you 😉 and only for you ❤


    I love you so much Maha, thank you for being my friend and I’m so happy I could celebrate with you!! I hope we have many more years of fangirling and blogging and asdfghjkl just basically being best friend for the rest of forever ❤❤ LOVE YOU AND HAPPPY BLOGOVERSARY.

    Liked by 1 person

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