SUMMER GOALS: 2016 edition

summer goals (1)

welcome to the post in which i set some summer goals i will never achieve. (one can always hope.)

summer is here, with all the sunshine and the books and hanging out with friends and the books and going to the beach. did i forget the books?

summer also means that we can set some new goals! i decided to dedicate a whole post to summer goals -not just reading goals, but everything in general- so i can constantly come back and remind myself of these things because otherwise i would completely forget about all of this.

(even though i know deep down that half of these things -if not most of these things- will never happen.)

so here are my goals for the summer of 2016:

read more contemporaries

to be honest, i just want to read more books during the summer. but i also want to get into more contemporaries, because it’s the right season to do so, isn’t it? plus i used to not really like this genre before, and now i love it, so it will be good if i could catch up on the popular books. THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, P.S. I STILL LOVE YOU, and SECOND CHANCE SUMMER are just some of the contemporaries i want to read this summer.

stay out a little of social media

IMG_3103[1]i noticed that i’ve been a little too much obsessed with social media this last weeks. i think i should step back from it a little. not that i wouldn’t be there, i would, but not all day. maybe just at night, or maybe just in the morning, but not ALL DAY. because it’s starting to get out of control.

be active on goodreads

i feel like i’m overly active on social media, but not active on goodreads. i mean, i’m actually more active on it than i was six months ago, but i still am not as active as all other bloggers. i always forget to update the books i’m reading and stuff like that. let’s hope it will be better;

work on different types of posts for the blog

i really want to make this blog a place where everyone (or every book lover) can find what he’s looking for, along with some personal posts about my life. i really hope this will happen this summer.

other minor goals

  • go out of the bubble that is called my house and hang out with my friends.
  • catch up on popular series (ex: THE RAVEN CYCLE, THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, THRONE OF GLASS, THE GRISHA TRILOGY + SIX OF CROWS, and many many more).
  • read out of my comfort zone.

what are your goals for the summer?



15 thoughts on “SUMMER GOALS: 2016 edition

  1. Those are some great summer goals. Second Chance Summer and The Unexcpected Everything are definitely on my TBR list as well. Just like you, I’m also trying to be more active on Goodreads. Since I just started a blog, I also have to work on posting regularly.

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    1. aaaahh welcome to the blogging community!!!! i hope it will be an amazing experience for you 🙂 ❤
      and let's hope we both read SECOND CHANCE SUMMER and THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING!! (& achieve our goal to stay active on Goodreads)


  2. I love these goals. I also noticed that while I’m super into social media, I REALLY neglect Goodreads (ironic, seeing as we love to read and run book blogs and thats a social media site focused only on books…hmmmm…) hahah Good luck with these 😀

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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