twenty facts about me (& realizing how boring my life is)

twenty facts

it’s my birthday! (well, technically it’s not my birthday while writing this post but it will be when this will be posted)

i really don’t know if you know much about me (i’m crazy, let me just tell you), so i decided to list 20 facts about me because of that (and because it’s my birthday).


  1. my name is Maha (okay you already know that it’s not a fact), i’m 15 and i can finally can finally relate to Taylor Swift’s song.
  2. i live in Morocco, which is a pretty wonderful country, but it’s really hard to find books in here. especially in english. you can only buy them online. and even shipping is long.
  3. my favorite genres are fantasy and contemporary.
  4. i didn’t use to like contemporary until recently when i read some books that have changed my life (*cough* Me Before You *cough*).
  5. IMG_2730[1]my favorite series and books are: Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, Delirium, The Lunar Chronicles, Since You’ve Been Gone, and many many more (which i can’t remember because my brain is betraying me).
  6. i never really got into reading books until i was 12, when i opened the first page of Harry Potter, and once that was done, there was no coming back.
  7. i read from 2 to 4 books per month. and i feel like a superhero when i read 4 books in a month.
  8. other than reading, i love to draw. i started drawing when i was 3, and i draw everywhere: on a paper, on a notebook, on a table, IN CLASS (to sum up, i get most of my drawing done in class on the papers that the teacher hands us).
  9. i also LOVE to listen to music, i do it all the time. but i don’t play any instrument, and i’m a terrible singer.
  10. i prefer old songs over new ones. i just feel like the lyrics is more beautiful on old songs. but i DO like some new songs.
  11. when i talk to my friends in real life, i keep making song references, whether it is in Arabic, French or English. i bet they get pretty angry.
  12. almost all of my friends love to read. i was actually the one contaminated by the symptom of reading.
  13. i’m able to remember a five-pages-long quotes, but i can’t remember a single word of my social studies lessons.
  14. social studies are my worst nightmare at school, along with science. but my favorite subject is maths.
  15. i’m currently running out of facts.
  16. i have never listened to Hamilton, never watched Star Wars nor Lord of The Rings. and i will fix this very soon.
  17. i have never read Percy Jackson. i will also fix this very soon.
  18. this is what you think of me right now:dishonor
  19. eating is also one of my favorite things to do.
  20. i’m in love with ice cream. i can eat it anywhere and anytime. JUST GIVE ME ICE-CREAM.

and there it is! 20 facts about me! i really hope you didn’t find it boring and skipped to this part, because that would just be another proof of how boring my life is.

what are some weird/funny/amazing facts about you?




17 thoughts on “twenty facts about me (& realizing how boring my life is)

  1. That’s so cool that you live in Morocco and that you’re tri-lingual! Don’t worry, your not the only one who hasn’t listened to Hamilton or has read those books. I don’t like how Hamilton banned “white people” from auditioning or that it’s mostly rap music. I feel like it strays too far from Broadway. Same thing with the songs, I like older music because I feel like the lyrics have a deeper meaning. Thanks for sharing 20 facts about yourself!

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    1. thank you so much!! ❤
      and i didn't know the Hamilton thing? why would they ban white people from auditioning? i mean (sorry in advance from what i'm gonna say), if it was the complete opposite thing (i mean it's black people that are banned from auditioning), they would be called racists and all other names. but i think also the fact that they banned white people (if they had no reason), is still racism, because racism means that we prefer people with a certain skin color to another.
      i don't know if you understand?


  2. *tackles you with hugs and cake* HAAAPPPPYYY BIIIRTTTHHHHDAAAAYYYY TOOOO YOUUUU. I didn’t even know it was going to be your birthday!! I didn’t know you lived in Morocco that’s so cool! AND OMG do you really speak all those languages!!?? i can only speak English and Spanish. :/

    How do you relate to Taylor Swift? I like some of her songs but I’ve never been in a relationship let alone as many as she has…so…there’s that x)


    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! may your day be filled with cake and all things delicious 😀

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    1. i hope i’m going to read the book sooooon!!! *hides in corner*
      when i said the Taylor Swift thing, i mean her song that’s called “Fifteen”, and she sings about the year she was 15 🙂
      and hey! english and spanish are good too!!
      aaaand yeah the thing about me living in Morocco is kind of an annoucement because i don’t really talk about it 😁
      AND THANK YOU SO MUCH *hugs you and eat cake* ❤️

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  3. Happy birthday Maha! *pops confetti* I hope you’ll read PJO series soon! It’s amazing that you live in Morocco, I’ve been seeing pictures of your country on the internet (especially this past year) AND IT’S GORGEOUS. Definitely putting it on my bucket list. Again, happy belated birthday Maha!

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  4. First of all: HOW COME YOU’VE NEVER READ PERCY JACKSON?!?!?! You should! It’s one of my favorite series and it’s so funny and amazing I bet you’ll love it when you give it a chance.
    Second of all: You live in Morocco and you can even speak three languages or something?!?! I need a post all over that (*excuse the multiculture obsessed here*). No, but really, I hope you can share more of your country with us.
    And the third of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY! I’m a bit late, but I hope you forgive me! 💟

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    1. thank youuu (and that’s totally okay hahahaha)
      and i’ll try as much as possible to make a post about my country and me speaking three languages. hopefully soon!! 😀
      and don’t worry, i’ll try to read percy jackson asap😂😂


  5. New follower here sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 😅🎉✨ Right off the bat, high-five for loving ice cream🍦I too love am in deep looove with ice cream and I actually have this crazy dream of tasting every single expensive ice cream out there in world aha 😂 So that’s already one weird fact about me, I guess. Hope you enjoy your special day! 💖

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