there are no “reading skills”…

WARNING: my opinions are laying ahead. please do not get offended by any of what i say in this post.

lately, i’ve been seeing some people in the book community saying that they’re “such slow readers”, wishing they could “read faster” and read while listening to music, or envying other readers who can read and eat at the same time. and with these sentences growing more frequent in our community, i felt the urge to talk about it.

it is true that we all wish we could read faster. it is true there are so many books out there and so little time. it is true that life would be easier if we could read wherever and whenever. but it freaking doesn’t matter.

reading is reading. and whether you can read a book in a day, a week, a month, with or without music, it’s still reading. and it will always be. your pace and conditions doesn’t make you any less or more a reader. at the end, we’re all the same: people with reading as a passion.

because reading is a passion, a hobby, not some sort of competition. what you actually should care about is the pleasure you’re taking while reading, not about how you’re reading or something like that

you picked up a book, right? you read it, right? doesn’t it matter how read it? no.


absolutely not.

so stop being ashamed of reading differently than other. stop saying that you’re a “bad reader”, that you don’t have any “reading skills”, because there’s no such thing as a “bad reader”, and no such thing as “reading skills”. there is just reading, and that’s is that.


you are NOT a bad reader, you’re a wonderful and unique person. and if you keep accusing yourself this way, you won’t see any of this wonderfulness in you. instead of looking for what’s “bad” in your personality, try and look for what’s unique, amazing. stop decreasing your value. “why can’t i read faster? why can’t i read while walking/eating?”: get these depressing thoughts out of your mind. there are SO many amazing things about reading you should think of instead: the pleasure, the passion, the fact that you forget about what’s around you, the world you’re building in your mind, the amazing lessons you get. keep THESE thoughts in your mind. put the bad thoughts in trash. that’s their place, because they’re just trashy thoughts. you don’t need them, and it won’t get you anywhere. what you need is rainbow-y, happy thoughts. give yourself that instead.

all i want to say is: each and every person in this world has a different way of reading, and THAT is what make us such a beautiful and diverse community.



19 thoughts on “there are no “reading skills”…

  1. That stinks that you’ve heard people getting down on people for being slow readers; I haven’t run into any negativity like that in the community before (but of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not out there). I’m glad you addressed this especially if people are hearing this, they need to know that it’s ok and it doesn’t matter! Like you said, it’s a passion, and that’s all that matters! Great post!

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  2. Well, to play devil’s advocate, there are reading skills. That’s why we’re all probably faster readers than we were when we were eight years old. 😉 But I agree with the general sentiment that there’s no “correct” way or speed to read at. There’s not point in comparing because we don’t know everything about everyone’s reading habits. I used to marvel at how fast one of my friends when through books until I realized she was skimming half of them. I’d rather read more slowly, enjoy myself, and be able to remember the book later because I was actually paying attention. 😀

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      1. This friend once told me she “skipped all of the poetry in The Lord of the Rings.” My first reaction was…so you didn’t actually read 25% of the book? No wonder you read so fast! :p

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  3. I agree! Who cares at what speed you’re reading as long as you can enjoy what you’re doing! Every person reads at their own pace and it’s fine 🙂

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  4. PREACH. It is not the number of books you’ve read that matters, it’s not your reading speed that matters – in the end, what matters is what you took away from reading, whether or not you’re satisfied, whether you learned something new – so long as you’ve gained some satisfaction from it – that’s what reading is all about!
    Awesome discussion post, Maha!

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  5. I totally agree with you! This is the best! Sometimes, people, including me, get so wrapped up with reading quickly and having so called, “reading skills” that we feel the urge to follow others and read quickly. At times, I’ll feel disheartened if I haven’t read as much as everybody else in a month. I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that everyone has different reading styles and paces.

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    1. yes! and the number of books you read in a month isn’t important as much as the fact that you enjoyed reading these books. each persons has different ways of reading, and that is that.
      and thank you 🙂


  6. This post was a really important reminder for me. I always compare myself to other people, thinking I read too slow or that I can’t read too many books. But, you’re completely right. Reading books is much more important than how you do it.
    Amazing post, Mara! 💟💟💟

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  7. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AND 10000% TRUE. I couldn’t agree more basically. :’) I always feel guilty for how I constantly forget character names. Agh. Like literally I finish a book, pull up Goodreads to review it and…BOOM. All characters’ names are gone. *facepalm* And I often don’t even retain what I read? So a book I read like 2 months ago is a complete haze. It makes me feel like a horrible reader….buuuut. I am attempting not to let myself think that way! We’re different! If I enjoy the process of reading and reviewing, then it doesn’t matter if I forget a lot of stuff. It’s the journey that counts. ❤
    I think it's super important not to compare ourselves when it comes to these things. *nods* ENJOY IT. That's what books want us to do!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  8. Totally agree! Thank you for this wonderful post! 🙂 it reminds me that reading is not a competition. Sometimes it’s really hard because some people make a real competition out of it… Reading is something that connects us 💕 and not some sort of competition and who is able to read more in a month or what ever 🙂

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