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Nefarious Tales - Villain week

villains are probably my favorite thing about books. they’re sometimes what keeps me reading a certain book. i always want to know more and more about them. most of the times i love them even more than the main character. that’s why when i saw Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales announcement about this week of celebration for villains, i immediately filled the form at the end of the post. now when i was selected to be part of it, i was SO HAPPY.


and i’m not the only one participating in this wonderful week! some amazing poeple have some amazing posts on the way. here are the bloggers that will be posting today (april 18th):

again, i’m so happy to be here. i love villains, they’re usually my favorite characters to read about. but then one day, a thought occured to me: why are they villains? how did they decided to be that way? why did they make this decision? because we are all born good; nobody is born a villain. and someone can’t just wake up one day and decide to become bad. it would be illogical. villains certainly have a back story.
that’s why i came up with a list (as usual) of some reasons villains may decide to become villains.


REASON 1: seeking revenge

something bad happened to our upcoming villain. someone has threaten him badly, or killed a dear person. and all he’s thinking about is: revenge. for him, it is the only way to satisfy the feelings burning in his heart.

REASON 2: killing the first by accident, and the second on purpose

yes, killing may become an addiction. our upcoming villain killed someone by accident, he wants to hide this fact. and then he discovers that another person knows about it. he either menaces this person, or kill her. in either way, he becomes a villain.

REASON 3: life has hardened him

our upcoming villain is educated to be a villain. he lived all his life surrounded by other hideous people. life has hardened him. there is no way to be a good person in these circumstances. the only path he’s allowed to take is the bad one.

all this to say…

villains can’t be born villains. everyone is born good. it’s what they live that makes them what they are. these are just SOME reasons they may become villains. i do believe there are TONS of other reasons. that’s why i do think we need to have backstories of our villainswe need to know WHY they became what they are now.

and that’s not all!

Mishma is hosting a giveaway for the event! the prize is a villain inspired mystery pack curated by her. It is international. all you have to do is click below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

what are some other reasons why a villain decides to become bad? and which villain would you like to read a backstory of?



6 thoughts on “why did villains decide to be villains? // NEFARIOUS TALES

  1. I love when books give backstories to villains. It makes them so much more complex, and it’s so eerily fascinating to see what drives people to become evil. (That’s what I love about antiheroes as well). Fairest by Marissa Meyer does a great job of depicting this.

    Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  2. Villains are certainly not born bad! It’s always interesting to know what lead the bad guys to path of evil. Personally I love those revenge taking ones and the ones whose lives had been less than perfect. We really need more villain backstories and POVs!

    Thanks a lot for joining the event and for the amazing post, Maha! <33

    Liked by 1 person

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