how to find inspiration

i hate when i’m sitting in front of my laptop, my fingers flying across the keyboard, without finding anything to write about. and i’m sure this is happening to everyone in the world. not just for a blog post, but also for an essay etc. these are the tough times, when you can’t seem to have inspiration.

AND Maha is here to help! i’ve come up with easy tips to get inspiration. don’t worry, these tips won’t only apply on blog posts. it can also apply on essays, or even writing a novel.

TIP 1: internet is always here

we all spend hours and hours going through social media like instagram, facebook, twitter etc. so why don’t we use the internet to find some ideas? look for other blog posts/ideas for your essay or work. i’m sure you’ll find MILLIONS of results. just type what you’re looking for in the search bar. it’s easy.

TIP 2: talk to other people

my second tip is: GO TALK. tell other people you don’t know what to write about. they will surely help you more than you think. who knows? you may be getting more information than what you were looking for.

TIP 3: magazines

magazines always have some amazing articles you can get ideas from. and not just that: there’s also graphic stories and readers confessions and other similar things that may or may not help you (it will).

TIP 4: open your mind

open your mind. you’ll never know what you’ll find. our minds hold amazing things. free them. take a paper and write down everything that comes through your mind. by the time you fill up the whole paper, you’ll have dozens of ideas waiting to be developed.

btw this is one of the saddest movies i’ve ever watched (BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA)

TIP 5: let the ideas come to you

if you really can’t seem to come up with any inspiration, just let it come to you. you will get ideas in the most unexpected moment. don’t force yourself to find topics to talk about. it’s okay to take a break. take all the time you need.

i really hope these tips were helpful!

what are some of your tips to find inspiration?



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