can we run away from spoilers forever?

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to me, spoilers are the worst thing that can happen to me. i hate it when i’m looking through my timeline on twitter or instagram and get spoiled about a book i haven’t read yet. it’s like a BAM on my face.

when i get spoiled, i get angry and stop talking to people for a little while (because if i talk to anybody when i’m angry, it might not end well).


one day, i was thinking about it, and my thoughts lead me to the following question: can we run away from spoilers forever? is there a way to avoid spoilers forever? that’s why i asked for volunteers on twitter to answer this question, because i feel like each person should have a part in this post.

so here’s some bloggers answers on whether we can run away from spoilers forever…

Izel @ A Bookish Flower

I do think you can run away from spoilers forever…but you’d be awfully depressed. I don’t know about other bookworms but for me, I physically miss characters when I’m not “with” them. So I sustain myself by looking through Tumblr head-cannons, Pinterest fan-art and reading funny scenarios my favorite characters should be in. My favorite part of finishing a book in a series is that satisfied feeling afterwards and then running off to see if anyone else has read it…
But it’s a fact that you’re going to run into a spoiler at least once. Sure, I get a little sad that I found out what happened….but why get upset or beat myself up? What fun is a book if you can’t squeal about it afterwards? You just read the book and then….what? You can’t do anything if you’re afraid of spoilers. It’s like saying “I’m afraid to read because I think I’ll get too attached.” What fun is a book if you don’t get attached? What fun is reading if you don’t have someone to share with it afterwards?

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

We can’t avoid spoilers forever. We can run from them for awhile, avoid going online and Goodreads,or just going cold turkey, there will always be someone out there who will let a spoiler slip out and it may or may not be intentional. The only way we can possibly avoid spoilers is never going online, and that is just one lonely journey in the depths of the world. Even then, that one friend who can’t keep their mouth shut might let a spoiler slip out.
So no, we can’t run from spoilers forever. We can kick and scream however much we want, but we can’t do anything to stop another person from ruining it for everyone else.

Denise @ The Bibliolater

Personally, I don’t think readers can go totally spoiler free online. There’s always ‘minor spoiler’ floating around, and sometimes, I do accidentally read a spoilery post/review! For the first few weeks of a book’s release, yes, maybe, but forever? I don’t think so! I haven’t done this, but if I really wanted to avoid spoilers, I’d go completely offline for a few days.

Gabi @ Reading In The Rain

I don’t think that readers will ever be able to avoid spoilers. Sure they suck but they can come right out of the blue. What if the person didn’t know you didn’t finish the book? Or seen the movie? Of course there are those few times where the person does it on purpose and when they do do that the only reasonable explanation is that they are a evil scientist trying take over the world. Avoiding spoilers can be considered an art, if you know how to then I think you should be in the Hall of Fame.

Nisha @ A Running Commentary

As readers, and especially as readers who spend large amounts of time online, I don’t think that we can avoid spoilers forever. People post spoilers everywhere, from reviews on Goodreads to social media, like Twitter and Instagram. People are going to spoil things no matter what it is, and as unfortunate as it is, I really don’t think that we can avoid spoilers forever.

Sam @ Literary Lover

I think that it is possible to avoid spoilers. If you stay off social media while reading a certain book I think it definitely increases the chances that you won’t get spoiled. I try not to post what I’m reading on social media because I’ve found that some people spoil you in the comments (like on Instagram occasionally), which is just rude, and uncalled for. Also, I think the longer a book has been out the more likely you are to be spoiled. But if you really try to avoid spoilers and aren’t actively seeking them out or looking up the book while you read it its definitely less likely you will be spoiled. Overall, I think its almost completely possible to avoid spoilers, but people who attempt to actively spoil other people are definitely in the wrong.

Victoria @ The Petite Book Blogger

I think that it’s possible to avoid spoilers if you are very careful not to mention to other people what you’re reading. Most people assume that you have already read the entire book when you start talking about what you are reading and are quick to say ” Ooh! Have you read this <insert spoiler> yet?”. Which is so aggravating! But not being able to share what you’re currently reading with other people isn’t as fun as being able to fangirl with your book bff. So while it is possible to avoid spoilers it requires extreme caution and utmost secrecy.

Alice @ Arctic Books

If you’re anything like me and you try to stay away from spoilers as much as possible, you should be fine! I think that spoilers are definitely not completely avoidable, so I try to do my best to not put myself in that position. I tend to not be spoiled by any books because I try to only talk to people about books I have read, so that usually helps me avoid spoilers.

these answers are all interesting and i loved reading each and every single one of them!

what about you? do you think we can run away from spoilers forever?


11 thoughts on “can we run away from spoilers forever?

  1. Loved this discussion. I am definitely one of those people who gets angry at spoilers. I find it impossible to read the book when it’s been spoiled for me.

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      1. I think it’s because the book was the fault in our Stars. That’s a difficult book to read with fresh eyes if you know the ending.

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  2. I don’t think readers should be expect to be social media spoiler free after a couple of months. What is good about it though is most book talk calms down by then anyway, so if you avoid spoilery reviews I think you can remain unspoiled pretty easily. I thought it was funny though that someone on Twitter last year got all upset because someone was talking about something that happened in the Harry Potter books. I really think that is unrealistic expecting no spoilers floating around for books that are years and years old. The two books I was spoiled for were both on the day they published. Now that was a crime!

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  3. I agree that spoilers are everywhere, especially in social media. I sometimes avoid going to tumblr because I get a lot of spoilers for a manga/books that I read. 😣 But funnily, it kind of helps me to understand the book better sometimes. I guess, spoilers can be good and bad at the same time!

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  4. I’m a bit weird for loving spoilers, so I don’t really know what to say with this post. xD BUT, if I were ever a hater of spoilers too, I don’t think I can ever avoid it forever. There will always be the risk of going online and searching through the internet and accidentally seeing spoilers here and there – may they be minor or major ones. So I think I agree with Denise. If I ever not want to accidentally go through spoilers, then I wouldn’t be online for a while.

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