4 ways to rock your reviews

4 ways to rock your reviews

i keep reading on a lot of blogs that bloggers find it difficult to write book reviews. it’s hard for them to find the exact words to express their feelings towards the book, whether it’s positive or negative. that’s why i came up with a list of different ways to rock your reviews.


  • draft your reviews with the most important ideas

i highly recommend you to draft your reviews before writing the full text for the post. you just have to write the most important ideas of what you’re going to talk about somewhere. i, personally, draft on My personal notes on Goodreads, that way i have two pages open at the same time while i’m writing my review. this is an example of one of my drafts for my last review (Lola and The Boy Next Door):

FOR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: CUTE CUTE CUTE, well-developed characters, basic writing, simple plot, loved how/where the story went. FOR SPOILER-FILLED REVIEW: [SPOILERS]

i don’t want to put any spoilers for the book, but i usually talk in my spoiler-filled review about actions that characters did that i either loved or hated.

  • split your reviews into sections

to make it easier for you to write reviews, split them into sections. you can split them into plot, writing, characters, etc or what i liked, what i didn’t like depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

splitting your reviews into sections makes it easier for you to write them and for the reader to know what are your talking about. it’s also a good thing to type your most important ideas in bold, so that the reader can find what they are looking for in your review.

  • go for the “5 reasons you need to read [book]” thing

i honestly have never written a review this ways, but it’s really fun to read, and i feel like bloggers are having fun while writing it (am i right?). list a number of reasons the reader needs to read the book you’re talking about. it makes the reader (or at least me) more excited to read the book if i haven’t.

  • don’t force yourself to write a review

you don’t have to write a review of every single book you’re reading, especially if you’re a fast reader, it would be overwhelming. write a review whenever you feel like writing a review for a certain book. if you force yourself, the result won’t be as good as you expect, and you wouldn’t be blogging for fun.

what are your tips on writing reviews? or what are your favorite thing about them?



6 thoughts on “4 ways to rock your reviews

  1. I write fairly “traditional” reviews in terms of formatting, but I have taken to bolding important ideas in particularly long reviews because our blog does have a subsection of followers who admit they don’t like long reviews. I figure the bolding will help them skim.

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  2. I have a different approach to reviewing that I developed a few months ago. I do break it up into sections, but each section is unique, depending on what I think of that review. It’s like a conversational review.. at least, I call it that!

    I actually wrote a post about this last month, different review styles that I have tried.


  3. These are great tips! I’ve been struggling to write reviews when I feel like I have so much to say but don’t know where to start. I will definitely be using some of these ideas for my next review 🙂


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