what comments mean to a blogger

what comments mean to a blogger

last week, Ava from Bookishness and Tea -one of my favorite bloggers- talked about reasons why people should be commenting on other people’s blog, that’s why i had the idea to talk about what comments actually mean* to a blogger. i decided to make a list of different meanings of commenting.

i’m not talking about about the kind of comments that says: “hey! here’s my last post [link]!”. NO. i’m talking about meaningful where the reader gives his opinion on the topic of the post.

comments mean…

  • that the reader read your post

when a reader comments on your post, it means first of all, that this reader actually took the time to read what you’ve done. it means that the post is not trash. when someone comments, you’re at least sure the reader didn’t just skip the post he saw on his timeline, which makes the blogger really (REALLY) happy.

now here’s the thing: the fact that someone didn’t comment on your post does not mean that he didn’t read it. he either have nothing to say, or comments isn’t a habit for him.

  • that he’s interested by the topic of the post

when someone leaves comments like:”i agree! i love this post!” or “i can see what you’re saying, but…”, that actually means he’s interested by what you’re saying. even if he’s disagreeing. even though he has a different opinion. he’s taking the time to write a comment. that means that the post made him think or that he simply loved it!

again the fact that someone didn’t leave a comment doesn’t mean he’s not interested.

  • that the time you took was not a waste

when someone is interested enough to leave a comment on your blog, that means the time you took to write the post wasn’t a waste of time. it wasn’t for nothing. that there’s someone out there in the world who doesn’t want you to give up, who encourages you to continue what you’re doing.

  • overall, comments are a piece of cake

to sum up everything, comments are kind of like a “congrats” to what you’ve done. comments make us, bloggers, as happy as if someone offered us a cake in a day other than our birthday.


now here’s a thing you shouldn’t forget…

comments are NOT everything. you blog for yourself before anyone else. and if you don’t get comments that doesn’t mean your post is bad or anything. you won’t get zero comments every time, and you won’t get hundreds of comments everyday. so you should never ever (EVER) give up on blogging if you really DO love it.

this may seem a little confusing, i don’t know if you understood me…

what does it mean to you when you receive/leave a comment?


11 thoughts on “what comments mean to a blogger

  1. i love love love comments but i’m also an AWFUL commenter. *hides* comments do mean a lot to me, so I always try to take the time to respond and comment on other blogs even though that usually only happens like once a month :// ugh, I need to work on my commenting game. nontheless, fantastic post!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy to know you love it! ❤
      That's totally okay if you rarely comment on other blogs, if you don't know what to write wait for it to come. I admit sometimes comments are pretty overwhelming though… (I don't know if you understood what I mean?)


  2. Hey, I’m just discovering your blog but I’m really loving all your posts. ❤

    I agree with everything you said here! Part of the reason why I blog is to interact with others who like books (because none of my friends in real life read) so when someone comments on my posts, I get so happy and I'm just like: FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME. Haha, but really, it's the best knowing someone took time to read your post and comment. ❤ Although I, personally, need to get better at commenting on more blogs.

    Love this post!!

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  3. I am always happy to read comments on my blog (especially since I’m a newbie here on WordPress at least) and it’s also encouraging and maybe sometimes even inspiring! I totally agree with your opinion, however, I try to get better in commenting but sometimes I just don’t know what to write😲
    Btw, I like your blog post a lot! Totally going to follow you now 🙂
    xoxo Lea


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