do memes equal originality?

do memes equal originality-

i have realized that memes have become more and more popular today. every week, i see at least one top ten tuesday and waiting on wednesday (i even started writing WoWs too).

if you don’t know what a meme is, it’s a weekly/monthly feature hosted by a certain blog in which other bloggers participate and talk about a certain theme/a certain book. for example, top ten tuesday is a weekly meme where bloggers make a list of books with a theme (top ten books you’ve recently loved, top ten releases you’re looking forward to etc etc). waiting on wednesday is also a weekly meme where bloggers talk about upcoming releases they’re excited to get. the host of the meme leave a link up form at the end of his/her post, and participants add their name and the link to their post, that way each participant can see other participants posts.

anyway, i guess you understood the main idea of what a meme is. it seems like a really fun thing to do, right? i approve, it’s really fun, talking about books we love and excited to read and get to share our opinions and discover new blogs, it’s really amazing and fun, but is it original? for example, let’s take top ten tuesday. every week, there’s a different theme/subject to post about, right? but didn’t you notice that all the top ten wednesday posts are kind of…similar? most of the time, everyone talks about the same books (usually the most known ones).

it’s not just the posts that are similar, the subjects (or themes) are repetitive most of the time, but each time formulated in a new way. that’s why i quickly get bored of memes. i mean, i’m really liking waiting on wednesday at the moment, but i’ll get bored of it in one or two months, and stop making them. and isn’t the whole purpose of having your own blog being original? making your own thing? not having the same kind of posts? which leads me to the following question: do memes equal originality?

it’s true that the idea of sharing a list of books about a subject, knowing other people’s opinions about it, and discovering new blogs etc., is really original. it is a wonderful way of connecting bloggers and readers, and finding something to talk about. but won’t we, bloggers and readers, get tired of talking about the same things over and over again?

what do you think of memes? do you think it’s original? why or why not?



25 thoughts on “do memes equal originality?

  1. I love this! I rarely do memes, because being original is what blogging is all about. But they’re so fun, it’s hard not to. My opinion is that it’s fine if you do them once in a while, but not too much.

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  2. I think that the concept behind memes aren’t so original (I mean “waiting on Wednesday,” pretty straight forward, right?) but the way you express those posts you create FOR the meme can be original. When I do WOW (which I don’t anymore lol) I also include key reasons why I’m waiting for the book. And obviously, most people have pretty different Top Ten Tuesday posts, no matter what the category is. So while memes ARE pretty strict in what you expect from them, it’s up to the individual to make it as original as they desire. Be it not so much or super, it all depends on the blogger.

    Interesting post! 🙂

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  3. Interesting take! I hadn’t really thought of memes lacking originality before but I can see where you’re coming from. As someone who really enjoys memes because they’re fun and a great way to connect/discover others I don’t get bored of them, however I have changed which ones I do pretty frequently. Personally I think the originality comes from the individual bloggers – their voice and what’s included/set up make it unique in it’s own right 🙂
    Enchanted by YA

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  4. I rarely do meme’s unless it’s on a topic I really like but I particularly don’t like reading TTT’s or WoW’s so I figured my audience won’t like to read it either.

    By the way, what happened to the post about weather we can run away from spoilers or not? I was really excited to read that post 🙂

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  5. I like Top Ten Tuesday. I follow the TTT prompt on Fridays with my own version Top Five Friday (because I can never come up with 10 things) because Jaime encourages creativity. She wants you to give the topic a twist if you aren’t feeling it. Cait at Paper Fury is champion at twisting up TTT themes. I also do Beyond the Books, which is questions about non-bookish IRL things usually. I don’t do it regularly, but I do go to the Linky and see what my other buddies from that meme have posted. I have my own feature called Tell Me Tuesday. I only have a couple of semi-regular linkers, but that’s okay because it is mostly just for me to let people know what is going in with my reading. Then there is The Sunday Post, which is a weekly wrap-up meme. I think everyone should do a weekly wrap-up meme because I can go to my favorite blogs in the Linky and see in one place what they posted all week, and can quickly see what I want to click through to read. Plus, I can hear about what they were doing off the blog. I get most of my blog hits from being part of these “meme communities” and they are my biggest comment magnets, too. The seeing the same books all the time thing doesn’t happen for me because the blogs I follow feature a lot of indies and small publishing houses, and I found most of these bloggers through doing features. If a blogger does boring meme posts I just don’t go there. I think most memes can be made interesting. I mean the same can be said about reviews and discussion posts if they are about the same books and the same topics as a lot of other bloggers have been posting about. Wonderful post! It really made me think about how creative some bloggers are with features. 🙂

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  6. I generally like Top Ten Tuesday because the topics are often interesting (though the meme’s been around long enough, I do think they struggle sometimes) and because people’s lists are pretty different. However, I’m not so much a fan of memes like Waiting on Wednesday or the ones where people just put a quote or say what they’re currently reading. I like a bit of analysis in posts.

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      1. Yeah, I agree. I did Waiting on Wednesday very briefly, but quickly found it both boring to make my post and boring to read others. I guess enough people are interested that memes like that keep going, though. I think memes can be especially good for new bloggers, to build an audience, and also for busy bloggers who can’t necessarily write 3 reviews themselves each week.

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  7. I see exactly what you mean. However, I think the reason that people do memes on their blog is to have a way to connect with other bloggers in the community. I mean, when I started my blog in 2012, I started to do memes so that I could interact with other bloggers. They allow you to connect with a lot of people you normally wouldn’t necessarily get to interact with.

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  8. THIS. I feel like memes are really fun to participate in and they’re really fun to do, but from a reading standpoint they just seem so…repetitive? Everyone’s basically talking about the same thing, and I feel that’s just not as interesting to read as something original (like a book review or a discussion post). Great post Maha and thanks for sharing! ❤

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  9. I actually stopped doing all memes except The Sunday Post (because it’s the only one that’s different on EVERYONE’S blog). I mean, they CAN be original. Obviously everyone is doing the same topic, so that takes away some of the originality, but if you maybe mix it up? Include more information than the next person. But, to be honest, I stopped because I got bored. I read a lot of YA and I read a lot of YA blogs. We all would have the SAME TTT lists, we were excited about the same books, same authors, same everything. I would find a few new books here and there but for the most part, it became repetitive. I had nothing to say on other people’s TTT. I think they’re great for new bloggers – they’re how I met a lot of my blogger friends. But now that I’ve found my groove, they just aren’t for me anymore. Great topic!

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  10. I love this topic; I recently ranted about memes and other blogging norms on a post I called “An Unpopular Opinion on Book Blogging.” I think memes are boring and I rarely click on them unless it’s clear that the person took a unique spin on a particular meme. I don’t participate in them because I myself don’t enjoy reading them, and if I don’t enjoy reading them , I know I won’t enjoy writing them. I understand why people like them, though; they are good for interacting with the community and/or keeping a focus or schedule. They are just nor for me. PS – love your blog! So many thoughtful and original posts! 🙂

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    1. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! hope you have fun here! ❤
      and (about the post's topic) this is EXACTLY what i'm trying to say. i mean, it IS enjoyable at the begining (like, for 2 weeks?), but then it gets boring and repetitive. when i had my blog at Blogger, i used to do some Top Ten Tuesdays, and then i stopped, and then started Waiting on Wednesdays, and got bored of them after…2 tries.
      i don't know though, some people love memes and enjoy doing them.

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