(a very small) book haul

book haul

so i’ve acquired some books lately… i mean, i ordered them a while ago, but they just came. and i decided to make a book haul with a list of the last books i’ve got (there’s not a lot of books so it will be a kind of short list…)

i ordered some other books, but i still don’t have them in my hands so i will not put them in this haul until i get them. probably in a month…or two.

here are the books i’ve got:

GLASS SWORD by Victoria Aveyard

THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken


THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern

there’s no more place in my bookshelf, and -as i said before- there are other books on the way… it’s seriously getting out of control.

what are the last books you’ve got? have you read any of these books? what did you think of it?




11 thoughts on “(a very small) book haul

  1. Even though this is a small haul, these are all great books! Granted I haven’t read, well, ANY of them, I hear amazing things about ALL of them. I do have The Darkest Minds but I haven’t read it yet. It’s much bigger than it looks so it’s quite intimidating!

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  2. Oooh, I’ve wanted to read Night Circus for EVER but I keep…procrastinating it for some reason. xD I hope it’s amazing! And omg I’ve heard such excellent things about The Darkest Minds. It’s on my wishlist too. hehe. I’m about to make a book order actually (omg deciding is SO HARD) and I’m going to get Shadow Queen, I think! Unless I change my mind at the last minute. XD

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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