places books made me want to visit

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when i’m reading a book, i always imagine what it would be like to live in its world, whether it’s fictional or not -except for the hunger games, i don’t want to live in that world, i’d be the first one to die. that’s why i decided to list some places i really want to visit because of books.

harry potter – hogwarts

of course i want to go to hogwarts! i’m obsessed with harry potter! studying at hogwarts would be so much fun! spells, potions…it’d be amazing. wonderful!


i’d especially go visit the library! it’s HUGE. paradise for a bookworm.

the infernal devices – london

i actually visited london, but i want to visit it again, since i only spent one day there! i didn’t get to visit everywhere, so i want to go someday again and visit everywhere.

talking about me visiting london, here are some pictures i took in london:


anna and the french kiss – paris

i wasn’t a big fan of the book, it was a little too perfect, but i definitely want to visit all the places anna goes to in her year in paris.

let’s not forget that i already went to paris, but i was six or seven so i remember nothing from it.

the girl from everywhere – hawaii

from what i read and saw on the internet, hawaiian beach and nature is so beautiful. it’s obvious that i definitely want to see that beautiful-ness in real life and take millions of pictures of it (well, not millions of pictures, but a lot).

what are the places you want to visit/visited because of books?


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