how to go to hogwarts

how to

please remember that i do not own any responsibility if you get lost on your way to hogwarts, and that this post is not to be taken seriously.

hi, today i’m here to guide you in your way to go to hogwarts, the well-known school of witchcraft and wizardry. i assure you that if you follow these easy steps, you’ll immediately find yourself in hogwarts  -no you won’t, you’ll just have read this post.

get your passport

the first step (and most simple one) in your way to hogwarts id to -simply- get a passeport. that’s not difficult: all you have to do is to go to the nearest bookstore, grab harry potter, and return home.

buy your supplies

this step is a little bit more difficult. you have to find the following supplies, which you can only find at the following address:





here are the supplies needed:

  • your mind
  • a wand
  • a broomstick (if you dare)
  • a cauldron
  • an owl OR a cat OR a toad

get ready for the flight

now this step is depending on your comfort: you can either lay on your bed, sit on a chair, or go to a park, or anywhere you like. the most important thing is: get comfortable. but don’t forget your passport, it’s extremely important.

have a good flight

open your passport -or as people call it, you harry potter copy- and jump into the story with the staff: harry potter, hermione granger, ron weasly, and many more, with whom you’ll live an amazing seven years of adventure, that will stick with you forever.


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