things that digital books will never have

Discussion post (1)do you prefer digital or physical copies of books? if you’re with physical copies, high five, and if you’re with digital books, you may or may not relate to this post…

when i’m reading digital copies, there are some things i feel that are missing from physical books, so i decided to list them up in a post.

so here are things that digital books will never have.

the smell

let’s be real, you can’t smell your phone or e-reader or whatever digital machine you’re reading on. the smell of a book is a luxurious privilege allowed only to physical copies.


nothing, nothing smell like a book. you can make a perfume with the sent of books and put it on your phone/e-reader, it just won’t work (fight me if you dare).

flipping the pages

i heard that companies are working on making the pages flip in digital books. i have a message for them: just give up on that. it won’t be like the physical books. it will never be.

flipping pages with your fingers (and with real paper) is the best feeling in the world. nothing can compare to that.

the spines


spines just don’t exist for digital copies. and seeing beautiful spines on your bookshelves is literally the best sight in the world. i’m sorry you can’t have that either, digital books.

book domino


it’s impossible to make book domino with digital copies, knowing that you keep all your digital books in one machine… even if you try it you’ll probably just break it.

the cover touch

if you try to touch your digital book’s cover, you’ll just touch a …screen. now if you touch a physical copy’s cover, you’ll feel the book.


plus the cover is more beautiful in real life than on a screen.


now let’s be honest, companies can try to put these things in digital books, it just won’t have the same result. physical copies are not comparable.

do you prefer digital or physical copies? do you know any other things that are missing in digital books?

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7 thoughts on “things that digital books will never have

  1. I agree with you so much on all of this!! I love flipping and smelling the pages. Sometimes, I’ll even flip the pages a bit while I read, just because I love it so much! I know, I’m a little strange 😉


  2. Physical copies. Physical copies are the best.
    While digital copies are fine (and a lot more cheaper!) I love smelling my books or flipping the pages or-
    I guess I can ramble on and on? 😁
    Lovely post and such a relatable one! I’m kind of new here though, hello! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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