Welcome to Younicorn Reads

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Hi everyone,

My name is Maha and I’m the owner of this new blog! yaaay! you probably know me from younicorn reads, but i had a lot of problems with that one -a LOT of problems-, so i decided to restart. let’s start again.

as i said before, my name is Maha and i’m the owner of this new blog! i’m 14 and i love to read.

that’s why this blog will be all about reading, fangirling, and sarcasm. you’re welcome.

for all those who followed me on the other blog: come to this one. thanks. i will leave that blog, but it won’t be updated anymore.

oh, and for all the new people here: what do you think of this name? i hope you love it.

anyway, i hope you enjoy it here!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Younicorn Reads

    1. thank you! i really like it too, but i changed it again to the older one because a lot of people didn’t recognize me and it was too long *sigh*

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